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Facebook Page Created Asking For Adrian Chiles To Be Sacked From ITV!

Facebook Page Created Asking For Adrian Chiles To Be Sacked From ITV!

A Facebook page has been created asking for Adrian Chiles to be sacked from ITV from hosting Football matches.

As you may know Adrian host’s  ITV’s football coverage and the cannel was thrashed at the ratings to BBC over the World Cup coverage.

The Facebook page is called  ‘Sack Adrian Chiles’, and says  ‘Get this muppet off our screens’.

Since the page went live it has received over 37,000 likes from people wanting him to be sacked!

When the Brazil 2014 Final was airing ITV received 2.86 million viewers when BBC received 12.09 million viewers.

The BBC show is hosted by Gary Lineker and has had a lot more better reviews.

A Petition has been set up on Petition site change.org asking for him to lose his job to and if the amount of people singing the petition is reached ITV will have to speak.

Mark Reeves, set up the petition and has said:

 “I, like many football fans, are sick and tired of Adrian Chiles ruining ITV’s coverage of some of the biggest games in world football.

“Adrian Chiles has never played or had anything to do with football before, stepping into punditry and it shows. His ignorance is annoying and frustrating. At one game he didn’t even know what continent he was in! Please join me and rid this man off our TV screens for good.”

In 2010 Chiles was singed to ITV for £6million and in April of this year reports have said that he took £1m-a-year pay cut, reducing his salary to around £500,000 a year.

Ariana Grande’s TV Show Sam & Cat Gets Cancelled By Nickelodeon Because Of Rift With Co-Star Jennette McCurdy

x Ariana Grande’s TV Show Sam & Cat Gets Cancelled By Nickelodeon Because Of Rift With Co-Star Jennette McCurdy

Ariana Grande’s popular TV show Sam & Cat has been axed by Nickelodeon after just one series!

The news was announced by Nickelodeon and then Ariana tweeting also confirming the news.

In a statement from the TV channel it reads:

‘Nickelodeon will not be producing more episodes of Sam & Cat,’ 

‘We are very proud of the show and its very talented cast and we wish them all the best.’

This news comes after rumours where flying around saying that Grande has a massive falling out with her co-star Jennette McCurdy after Jennette unfollower Ariana on Twitter and Grande refused to attend the Kid’s Choice Awards back in March due to ‘issues’ she had with Nickelodeon.

Ariana has now released a statement on her Twitter page and said:

‘I want to thank Nickelodeon for making a childhood dream of mine come true, for being a family to me, for being so accommodating and supportive of my multitasking with my music career, and for of course introducing me to many of my fans however many years ago,’

‘I will always hold Cat near and dear to my heart and appreciate her help in my personal growth from teenager to adult. I know she seems like a simple, daft character (and she is) but she played such a huge part in my life.’

The show was sooooo popular so not making another series is a shock.

But at the end of the day is Ariana has a problem  with Nickelodeon and has fallen out with her co-stars it’s for the best.

Eamonn Holmes And Ruth Langsford To Host Daytime Gameshow

Eamonn Holmes And Ruth Langsford To Host Daytime Gameshow

ITV This Morning hosts are to get their own daytime game show!

Eamonn Homles and his wife Ruth Langsford will his the show that will run for ten epsodes later this summer. 

The show will be called Gift List, and the TV husband and wife will invite three engaged couples onto the show, where they have the chance to win their very own wedding list, and the top prize of a dream holiday.

Talking about the show Ruth said:

“We are all real life couples, us and the guests. So as you can imagine, there is more to this show than just questions!” 

Then Eamonn said:

 “We even let the contestants win the prizes they want. They chose their own Gift List, but have they got what it takes to win it?”

The company making the show have created shows like The Weakest Link and Coach Trip.

White Dee Clears Up Rumors About Her Being On Benefits And Says She Hasn’t Had A Handout Since March On This Morning

Today Benefit Street star White Dee appeared on ITV’s This Morning to clear some rumours up about her being on benefits, holidaying in Magaluf and her health.

Since she shot to fame at the start of this year Dee has never been out of the headlines for all the wrong reasons but it seems she just want’s to put everything right.

White Dee who’s real name is Deirdre Kelly, admitted that her benefits stopped in March of this year and the money that she lives off is from TV interviews, public appearances and things like that.

At the start of the interview it was announced that ITV payed Dee £500 for the 10 minuet interview, then Dee said that she would have don’t the interview for free and it was her agent who got her the money because it was supposed to be a unpaid interview.

Talking to shows haste Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughtby Dee said about how easy it is to get benefits:

‘Maybe it shouldn’t be made so comfortable for people on benefits.
‘There are genuine people on benefits who do really want to find a job but then there’s other people who are so comfortable that they are thinking: “Well why should I find a job, because I’m perfectly happy living how I am?”‘

Then the conversation turned to the photos that appeared online and in the newspapers of her partying in Magaluf a few months ago.

Dee admitted:

“The organisers paid for me to go over for two days…” Dee revealed, before addressing comments regarding benefits. “How do they know I’m on benefits? I haven’t been in receipt of benefits since the end of March. No one has ever asked me. They just presume that I’ve been doing all of this while still on benefits.”


If you haven’t seen the interview yet you can watch it in full by looking at the link below.

Holly Willoughby Is Going To Work Until She Goes Into Labour!

Holly Willoughby Is Going To Work Until She Goes Into Labour!

With Holly Willoughby about to give birth in September she has admitted that she is going to work until she’s about to give birth.

As you may knoW Holly host’s ITV’s This Morning alongside Phillip Schofield, Monday’s to Thursday’s and views have noticed her getting bigger and bigger.

Talking to The Mirror Holly admitted:

 “It’s so hard to know when I’m going to go into labour.

“I’m just going to keep working until one day I don’t come back in again. That’s what I’ve done before.”

Holly then went on today that she can work for along as possible because she’s sitting down for all of her work:

“My job is sat on a sofa. I’m sitting down all the time on ‘This Morning’, and on ‘Celebrity Juice’ I’m behind a desk. So don’t feel too sorry for me.”

One thing you can’t take away from Holy is she is very hard working.

At the moment the producers producer are torn between Christine Bleakley and Emma Willis to take over for Holly while she’s away.

Simon Cowell Proves He’s A Hands On Dad As He Shares Photo Of Him Bathing Son Eric

Simon Cowell Proves He’s A Hands On Dad As He Shares Photo Of Him Bathing Son Eric

Simon Cowell has taken some time out of filming the X Factor auditions to give his new born son Eric a bath.

The music mogul shared a photo online of him washing the little one to his millions of followers on Twitter.

Along with the photo Cowell said:

‘Bath Time!’

Simon loves to share photos of Eric and it’s nice to see.

We wonder if she will be bring the little on to the X Factor with him?

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