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Katy Perry Gets Her Noes Pierced!

Katy Perry Gets Her Noes Pierced!

Katy Perry has decided to get her nose pierced.

The singer pierced her nose herself with a saftey pin when she was a younger after her mother told her that she wasn’t allowed to have it done but this time Katy had it done professionally.

Taking to her Instagram account Katy shared a photo of her getting the piercing and said:

“Last time I did this I was on my own with a safety pin & cube of ice @ 13. This time I thought it was best I left it to the pro’s. Sorry mom (again)”

At least this time she went to a shop and not did it herself!

Katy Perry Sells 72 Million Digital Sings Making Her The Most Settling Digital Artist Of All Time!

Katy Perry Sells 72 Million Digital Sings Making Her The Most Settling Digital Artist Of All Time!

Katy Perry has broken history by becoming the first ever artist to sell over 72 million digital singles!

The singer broke the fantastic news on Instagram as she shared the photo above with the caption of:

Along with the photo Katy said:

Over 72 million served! Thanks for the award RIAA! #THISISHOWWEDO

That’s massive!


Katy Perry Belches Her Eyebrows! See The Funny Look HERE!

Katy Perry Belches Her Eyebrows! See The Funny Look HERE!

Pop singer Katy Perry has decided to bleach her eyebrows blonde!

The roar hit make debuted her eyebrows on Instagram as she posed showing off the new brows, her slicked baby hair and rather long finger nails.

We have to say the eyebrows are not for us and not the best look we have ever seen Katy rock.

What do you think?

Katy Perry Looks Happy As She Soaks Up The Sun In New Instagram Pic

Katy Perry Looks Happy As She Soaks Up The Sun In New Instagram Pic

Katy Perry has taken some time out of her very busy music making to soak up some sun on a recent holiday.

The singer looked relay happy as she laid on a wall holding a sign that said:

“You walked in, I smiled.”

Have a look at her snap above.

Katy Perry And Adele Pose For A Selfie

Katy Perry And Adele Pose For A Selfie

Wednesday night Katy Perry ended her Prismatic show in London and she had a very special guest in the audience.

Posing backstage Katy had Adele in the audience and then had a selfie in her dressing room after the show.

Along with the photo Perry said:

…And on the 2nd LDN show the Queen graced me with her presence

Two fantastic singer together for a selfie.  🙂


Nick Grimshaw Hates Being Papped!

Nick Grimshaw Hates Being Papped!

Nick Grimshaw knows nearly every famous person out their and likes to party with all of them.

But now the Radio 1 DJ has admitted that he ‘hate’s being papped’ and it’s ‘not his fault that he knows famous people’.

Talking about being papped Nick said:

 “I hate being photographed. I really do. It’s not my fault I know all these people – if you spend an hour interviewing someone on the radio then you get to know them and they become your friend.

“I work very hard. I go out and do things people want to do and then I talk about it. I am honest. I’m just me.”

The trouble is when your best friends with stars like Katy Perry, Cara DelevingneKate MossHarry Styles and plenty plenty more your going to be papped.

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