White Dee Clears Up Rumors About Her Being On Benefits And Says She Hasn’t Had A Handout Since March On This Morning

Today Benefit Street star White Dee appeared on ITV’s This Morning to clear some rumours up about her being on benefits, holidaying in Magaluf and her health.

Since she shot to fame at the start of this year Dee has never been out of the headlines for all the wrong reasons but it seems she just want’s to put everything right.

White Dee who’s real name is Deirdre Kelly, admitted that her benefits stopped in March of this year and the money that she lives off is from TV interviews, public appearances and things like that.

At the start of the interview it was announced that ITV payed Dee £500 for the 10 minuet interview, then Dee said that she would have don’t the interview for free and it was her agent who got her the money because it was supposed to be a unpaid interview.

Talking to shows haste Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughtby Dee said about how easy it is to get benefits:

‘Maybe it shouldn’t be made so comfortable for people on benefits.
‘There are genuine people on benefits who do really want to find a job but then there’s other people who are so comfortable that they are thinking: “Well why should I find a job, because I’m perfectly happy living how I am?”‘

Then the conversation turned to the photos that appeared online and in the newspapers of her partying in Magaluf a few months ago.

Dee admitted:

“The organisers paid for me to go over for two days…” Dee revealed, before addressing comments regarding benefits. “How do they know I’m on benefits? I haven’t been in receipt of benefits since the end of March. No one has ever asked me. They just presume that I’ve been doing all of this while still on benefits.”


If you haven’t seen the interview yet you can watch it in full by looking at the link below.

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