Boy Band Blue Announce New Album!

blue boyband new album 2012

They have not made new music since last year with their song I Can that they performed on the Eurovision Song Contest last year.

But band members Lee Ryan and Antony Costa said on Loose Women that the new album will be out at the end of this year but they have no name for it yet so they asked the Loose Women viewers to email in some names.

They also announced that They will make music with Red one on the new album.

Its seems like ages since we had new music but if the new album is anything like the last one then it something to look forward to.


7 responses

  1. At the end of the year? I thought they had said it would be out on May 2012… I can’t wait another 6 months! :((

  2. fuck!!…i don’t trust them anymore

  3. Its postponed because sme of their songs were leaked on d internt. So they had to wrote nd produce several new tracks. Nd we knw ths process takes time.nonetheless their new single HURT LOVERS is abt 2 b release next mnth. So cheers blue fans. 🙂

  4. And now it is 2013…FU*K..!! CUM’ON GUYS..!! WE LOVE U..!! WE WANT U BACK…!!

  5. They have had their day!

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