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Simon Cowell Says ‘Cheryl Will Be A MUM Soon!!’

Simon Cowell Says 'Cheryl Will Be A MUM Soon!!'

Simon Cowell has dropped some massive news!

The music mogul has said on the red carpet at the X Factor auditions yesterday that Cheryl Fernandez-versini ‘will be a mum soon!!’

Simon who became a father for the first time six months ago told reporters:

 “I have told her how great parenting is. She will be next.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the next one to start a family.”

Cheryl would be a really good mum but she’s only been with her man for three months so she really needs to wait.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Madame Tussauds Waxwork gets A Makeover

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Madame Tussauds Waxwork gets A Makeover

Cheryl Cole has a new name (Cheryl Fernandez-Versini), a new husband and a beautiful rock on her finger so it’s only right that she has her waxwork model updated at Madame Tussauds!

The staff at London’s Madame Tussauds where rout in force this morning to update the waxwork and to give it a married feel.

The new statue looks different from what it use to look like above to the new one because now Cheryl has her hair up in a bun and they have put that massive rock on her finger!

Cheryl’s waxwork has been updated a number of times before as when it first went on display to the public she was wearing a long red dress. Then they changed it to the look above.

Now it’s her bely married look.

We have to say looking at the photos online her latest waxwork looks the best lout of theme all.

Cheryl Coles Talks About Her Marriage During A Interview On Radio 1

Cheryl Coles Talks About Her Marriage During A Interview On Radio 1

It’s only been just over a week since Cheryl Cole annouced that she had tied the knot with her boyfriend of three months.

Well now Cheryl who’s name now is Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has been speaking about the marriage during a interview on Radio 1 to DJ Greg James.

Talking about the wedding Cheryl said:

‘I would’ve actually kept it that way but unfortunately it was leaked.’ 

Cheryl did well to keep it hush hush for the week and a half before she announced the news.

Cheryl Cole Gets MarriedTo Her Boyfriend After THREE MONTHS Of Dating!

Cheryl Cole Gets MarriedTo Her Boyfriend After THREE MONTHS Of Dating!

Cheryl Cole has announced that she has married her boyfriend Jean Bernard after three months of dating.

The singer shared a photo online of her massive wedding ring on her finger along with a statement about the big day that happened last Monday 7th July.

Cheryl said:

‘I usually do not discuss my personal life but to stop the speculation I want to share my happy news. Jean-Bernard and I married on 7/7/14. We are very happy and excited to move forward with our lives together.’

Cheryl and Jean meet at Cannes Film Festival in May and hit it off straight away.

This was a big shock.

Check the MASSIVE ring out below.

Fifth Judge Confirmed For X Factor This Year!

First Look At the X Factor 2014 Judging Panel HERE!

It’s been announced that this year of the X Factor there will be another judge for another group.

Sources are saying that X Factor bosses have confirmed that there will be another judge but they are not saying who it will be at the time.

The new category on the show will be called the  wildcard category and it has been rumoured that Rita Ora and Mary J Blige could be getting a call to ask them to become the fifth judge.

 ITV and Syco are refusing to confirm at this time.

Cheryl Cole Send A Massive F-Bomb Message To Simon Cowell When He Sacked Her From The US X Factor

Cheryl Cole Send A Massive F-Bomb Message To Simon Cowell When He Sacked Her From The US X Factor
If you remember back to a few years ago when Simon Cowell asked Cheryl Cole to be a judge on the US version of X Factor and then sacked her within a few days and replaced her with Nicole Scherzinger!

Well now Cheryl has talked about the text message that she sent Simon after she found out that he has gave her the boot.

The message said:

“F*ck you, F*ck Fox, F*ck the orange and purple outfit. F*ck the big hair. F*ck the UK X Factor. F*ck you all. I hate you.”

WOW she seems happy doesn’t she?

Talk about dropping a F-bomb.

We know they Cheryl was fuming but we didn’t know that she was that mad.

It’s understanable because it did look bait embarasing.

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