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Chris Brown To Get His Own Reality Show?

Chris Brown To Get His Own Reality Show?

Over the years Chris Brown has been in so much legal drama it’s unbelievable but now we may be able to watch it all on TV.

Chris has been in talks with several production companies who have said that it will be a very interesting program.

It was on Tuesday of last week that the talk of a reality show was brought up and the production team said it would be good to see Chris clear up his act!

If Chris does get his own show he will follow in the footsteps of Lindsay Lohan.

We don’t think this would be the best best of ideas but who knows it could be a massive hit.

Lindsay Lohan Strips In London Department Store!

Lindsay Lohan Strips In London Department Store!

It seems Lindsay Lohan just wanted to flash the flesh recently in London.

According to new spruces while Lindsay was shopping in London she enter a department store and decided to take all of her clothes off and strip lol.

According to The Sun newspaper customers and staff where completely shocked to see the star running around naked.

The source has said:

“Lindsay took some items into the changing room. Halfway through, she ran out of the room with nothing on and was chased by members of staff who were trying to cover her up.

She was laughing her head off and literally giving staff the run-around as customers looked on.”

The source then said that Lindsay was meant to meet with a persona shopper but had to cancel the shopper because of what happened:

“Lindsay was booked in for a personal shopping experience with a posh brand at the shop later that day, but it didn’t happen.”

It seems Lindsay’s fund side came out lol.

Lindsay Lohan To Have Her Freckles Removed!

Lindsay Lohan To Have Her Freckles Removed!

Over the years Lindsay Lohan has changed soooooooo much for better and for worse.

But now Lindsay is about to get rid of something that’s just as famous as she is.

It’s been reported buy multiple sources that Lindsay is going to have her freckles removed!

The source has reported:

“Lindsay is known for trying new things, but she’s shocked friends and family members by suddenly getting irate over her freckles…

She’s always loved her freckles – well, pretended to, anyway – but now she’s decided it’s time to get rid of them and she’s looking into having them either bleached or lasered away.”

It looks like someone has a little too much money.

Lindsay Lohan Misses Out On Her Brother’s Graduation Because She Was In London

Lindsay Lohan Misses Out On Her Brother’s Graduation Because She Was In London

Over the last few weeks Lindsay Lohan has been spending lots of time in London but now she really has been missing luton some daily ocations.

Over the weekend Lindsay’s brother Cody Lohan graduated at the and all the family where there part from Lindsay.

Cody was joined by his mother Dina,sister  Ali, brother Michael Jr., and his grandma while Lindsay was styaing at in hotel at the Chiltern Firehouse, in Marylebone.

We are sure Lindsay would have like to attend but she has been busy in the capital.

Lindsay Lohan Has Become Addicted To The Gym!

Lindsay Lohan Has Become Addicted To The Gym!

Over the years Lindsay Lohan has had many addictions drugs, alcohol, partying to name a few.

But now it seems her latest addiction is a bit more healthier.

The actress has become addicted to the gym and get her body in tip top condition.

Just lately Lindsay has been looking the best she’s ever been in result of going to the gym and staying healthy.

Good for her.

Harry Styles’ Sister Gemma Styles Fancies One Direction Band Member Niall Horan

Harry Styles’ Sister Gemma Styles Fancies One Direction Band Member Niall Horan

Since Niall Horan has been in the public eye he’s been linked to a number of celebrities but now he may be linked close to home.

Harry Style’s sister Gemma Styles has been rumoured by her brother that she has a little crush on Niall and Harry is trying to hook them up together.

It’s been said that Gemma has had a trash on Niall for a ‘while now’ and a source has told Heat magazine:

‘Harry thinks Gemma’s had a crush on Niall for a while. At first, they were just mates, but as they got to know one another recently, they’ve become more relaxed in each other’s company and it seems it’s turned into her fancying him.’

The source carried on:

‘He’ll punch her in the arm and make jokes like they’re mates. They’re in touch all the time. Niall’s so earnest and a real trier. She loves that.’

Humm who knows could we be seeing a new relationship and could you imagine if they got married Harry and Niall will then be related.

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