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Amanda Holden And Christine Bleakley To Cover For Holly Willoughby On This Morning While She’s On Maternity Leave

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Today Phillip Schofield has announced that Amanda Holden and Christine Bleakley will cover hosting ITV’s This Morning for Holly Willoughby wile she’s on maternity Leave!

Over the last few months so many rumours have been flying around speculating who will get the job and Emma Willis and Christine came out on top.

Speaking on the show today Schofield said:

‘Congratulations to Amanda Holden and Christine Bleakley who will be covering Holly on the show when she’s on maternity.’

Holly then announced that she will return for a few weeks in September if she hasn’t gone into labour before then.

While the show was on air Amanda tweeted:

Am thrilled to say I am stepping Into @hollywills stiletto’s whilst she’s on maternity leave.cant wait !!@Schofe and @itvthismorning

Then after the show Phill tweeted:

Really looking forward to working with lovely  again. She’s standing in for  for some of her maternity leave…

And then gorgeous @clbleakley steps in to play for the rest of it. How lucky am I to work with the best ladies on telly 

We have to say Amanda is not the best choice to pick and the viewers are not happy too.

The show was trending on Twitter just after it was announced and one twitter user said:

Holly and Emma – viewer can relate to them. They empathise. Amanda Holden – created an illusion of superiority and Botox.

Another said:

Amanda Holden covering Holly’s maternity leave on #ThisMorning I couldn’t think of anyone worse.

Lots of people have said that the ratings will fall when Amanda takes over but we will have to see what happens!

Holly Willoughby Is Going To Work Until She Goes Into Labour!

Holly Willoughby Is Going To Work Until She Goes Into Labour!

With Holly Willoughby about to give birth in September she has admitted that she is going to work until she’s about to give birth.

As you may knoW Holly host’s ITV’s This Morning alongside Phillip Schofield, Monday’s to Thursday’s and views have noticed her getting bigger and bigger.

Talking to The Mirror Holly admitted:

 “It’s so hard to know when I’m going to go into labour.

“I’m just going to keep working until one day I don’t come back in again. That’s what I’ve done before.”

Holly then went on today that she can work for along as possible because she’s sitting down for all of her work:

“My job is sat on a sofa. I’m sitting down all the time on ‘This Morning’, and on ‘Celebrity Juice’ I’m behind a desk. So don’t feel too sorry for me.”

One thing you can’t take away from Holy is she is very hard working.

At the moment the producers producer are torn between Christine Bleakley and Emma Willis to take over for Holly while she’s away.

Holly Willoughby Triples Her Money From Last Year!

Holly Willoughby Triples Her Money From Last Year!

She’s the UK most popular television presenter and now it’s been reported that Holly Willoughby has tripled her money from last year.

Holly’s production company Peaches Productions Ltd has seen a successful income over the last year.

Holly currently presents This Morning Monday – Thursday, Celebrity Juice and Surprise Surprise and was reportedly earning £400,000 for presenting BBC One’s The Voice last year.

Companies House records has said that Willoughby had £32,000 in the bank in 2009 and then in 2012 she had £583,000 and now the balance has reached  £1.47million.

Holly really is a a very successful woman and lots of people look up to her for it.

Meet The British Woman Who Admits She Was Repeatedly Abducted By Aliens

Meet The British Woman Who Admits She Was Repeatedly Abducted By Aliens

ITV’s This Morning is no stranger to having people who claim they have meet aliens on their show but today it was no different story.

British woman called Samantha McDonald appeared on the show and admitted that she was repeatedly adducted by aliens and they even abused her and she has photo proof that was shown on the morning show.

Talking to show hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby Samantha admitted alongside alien agony aunt Joanne Summerscales:

‘I’ve asked them what they want with me and they have said they had come to take me and my family. What they were after was my energy and soul essence.

‘I don’t know why they keep coming back to me. I think it is to do with my energies as I’m into healing and meditation.’

When she was asked where is she taken when she’s adducted her she said:

‘You don’t always remember the abductions because you have memory swipes. You just feel like you have been somewhere but you don’t actually remember it.’

Phillip then asked if she’s sure it’s not all a dream McDonald admitted:

No definitely not. I’ve woken up with marks all over my body and been possessed – sometimes to the point of mind control – where thoughts come into your head that are not your own. I can’t explain it any other way.’

The best thing about this interview today was Phill and Holly’s faces when Samantha was telling them all about her adduction.



Holly Willoughby Says Her Son Harry Can’t Waite To Be A Big Brother Again!

Holly Willoughby Says Her Son Harry Can’t Waite To Be A Big Brother Again!

Holly Willoughby only announced last Friday that she is expecting her third child.

But now the television presenter has said that her son Harry, is very excited about being a big brother for the second time.

Talking to fellow host Christine Bleakley on Monday Holly said on This Morning:

“It was lovely to tell the children, actually. When Belle came along, Harry was not even two yet, so he didn’t really get it,”

“This time he gets it and he came downstairs, and I was just waking up, and he went, “I just wanted to come down and make sure you and the baby are OK.” It melts your heart! It’s all lovely.”

Holly then admitted that she’s really happy the news is out:

“That first bit when you can’t say anything is horrible because you just want to go, ‘I’m pregnant!’ But now it’s nice that everybody knows and it’s out there.”

Bless him.

Holly Willoughby Announces She’s Pregnant With Her Third Child!

Holly Willoughby Announces She’s Pregnant With Her Third Child!

TV presenter Holly Willoughby has announced that she’s expecting her third child.

Breaking the news on her website Holly said:

‘Surprise Surprise (and it was a surprise!!) I’m really happy and excited to tell you that Dan and I are expecting baby number 3!!

‘We feel blessed and very luck to be giving Belle and Harry a little brother or sister later this year. ‘

The pair already have a son, Harry, four, and Belle, aged two.

On Wednesday Holly was photographed arriving at the Celebrity Juice studios and she had a pink scarf around her neck and she kept on trying to stop the scarf from bellowing away from covering her tummy.

Since she broke the news her blog has gone down because of so much traffic wishing the couple congratulations on her site.


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