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The Sound Engineer From Britney Spear’ Las Vegas Show Says She Sings Live

The Sound Engineer From Britney Spear’ Las Vegas Show Says She Sings Live

There may be proof of Britney Spears lip-syncing on her Las Vegas show tour but her Sound Engineer has said different.

Robert “Cubby” Colby has said that she only sings live as he said:

“Britney sings every song live, but there are additional tracks when they’re doing the heavy dance numbers. Snapshots give Marc the security of knowing that these levels that they work on so hard translate to the live environment.”

The trouble is we all know that she has been lip-syncing because there is proof on the internet.

No good defender her when the proofs out there.

Britney Spears Had A Panic Attack When She Was At Elton John’s Oscars Party!

Britney Spears Had A Panic Attack When She Was At Elton John’s Oscars Party!

It’s currently being reported that Britney Spears had a panic attack at Elton John’s Oscars party last month.

The singer may have looked great on the red carpet but it seems she was ill.

A source has reported:

”Britney was excited when she first went to the party but moments later she was fazed about being at such an over-crowded event. She started to break out in a sweat and become short of breath, it was like she was having a panic attack.”

There is so much going on at them partys theres no wonder why she fainted.

Tulisa recreates Britney Spears’ Famous VMA Performance As She Poses With A Snake!


If you remember back to 2001 when Britney Spears walked out on stage at the VMA’s with a massive snake around her neck?

Well now Tulisa has copied the iconic moment and shared a photo on Twitter.

The singer looked great in the photo as she smiled for the camera.

With the photo she said:

‘if I’m scared I’ll tell u 2 get him off me… ‘Hiissssssssss’ GET HIM OFF ME GET! HIM! OFF! ME!’

Then the troubled singer shared another photo an captioned it with:

‘This is the moment it all went wrong and it started hissing GET HIM OFF ME! No no NOW’.




Britney Spears’ Las Vegas Residency Is A Massive Hit!!

Britney Spears' Las Vegas Residency Is A Massive Hit!!

Britney Spears has been perfuming at her Las Vegas Residency since the end of December 2013 but now it’s been said that it’s really doing well.

The show started on December 27, 2013, and has already made a whopping $10.9 million!

Britney has been the most searched person on Vegas.com’s website and the director of the site Jennifer Whitehair, said the following:

“(Fans) really got what they wanted to see from her. It’s a huge audience that’s been underserved in Vegas for a while, this younger demographic, so you’re going to continue to see interest in shows like Britney” and other “club-like” entertainment.”

The show has had great reviews and so many fellow celebs have been to see her live.

It’s going from strength to strength.

Britney Spears Goes Brunettes!

Britney Spears Goes Brunettes!

Britney Spears is famous for her long blonde locks but on Saturday night the singer showed off her new brunette hair.

The singer showed off her newly dyed hair at here show in Vegas and also posted a photo of her posing in the mirror.

We have to say we like her hair better brunette now better than blonde.

It really suites her!

What do you think ? Do you think Britney looks better blonde or brunette?

Lady Gaga And Britney Spears To Collaborate ‘Soon’

Lady Gaga Goes To See Britney Spears’ Vegas Show And Poses With Her Backstage

On Tuesday we told you about Lady Gaga went to visit Britney Spears backstage at her show in Vegas.

Well now we have learnt that she and Britney talked about a collaboration and now a source has said that ‘it’s going to happen soon’.

It’s also been suggested that Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph was also involved in the discussions as Gaga chatted to him in the VIP box at the show.

It seems like this collaboration will be happening soon because they both are really up for it.

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