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Amanda Holden Admits She Had First Day Nerves As She Hots This Morning!

Amanda Holden Admits She Had First Day Nerves As She Hots This Morning!

Yesterday Amanda Holden presented her first show of ITV’s This Morning as she has taken over from Holly Willioughby who is currently on maternity leave.

Amanda seemed really happy to be hosting the show along side Phillip Schofield but she admitted that she was suffering with her nerves for most of the weekend but she managed to pull it together and host the show.

Talking at the very start of the show she said:

‘I’ve got massive butterflies – I felt really wretchedly nervous yesterday and now I feel a little bit better.’

 Amanda then admitted that she had three nipple pads on you you couldn’t see anything though her top.

Downton Abbey Gets Official Air Date!

Downton Abbey Gets Official Air Date!

This years series of Downton Abbey has been confirmed to hit the screens on Sunday September 21 at 9pm.

For the last few weeks ITV have been advertising the new series and just said ‘Coming soon’ but now it’s all be confirmed!

The news about the new series was announced during the add break on Saturday night ahead of The X Factor’s return delaying the X Factor by 5 minuits.

We are soooooo looking forward to this years Downton and seeing how the Crawley family are.

Benidorm Actor Kenny Ireland Has Passed Away!

Benidorm Actor Kenny Ireland Has Passed Away!

Popualr Benidorm actor Kenny Ireland has passed away at the age of 68.

Kenny lost his battle with cancer Thursday morning as bosses at Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum Theatre confirmed the news of his death.

Kenny palyed Donald Stewart on ITV comedy Benidorm, as was written out of the show in June to focas on his treatment for cancer.

An ITV spokesperson has said:

‘He was a much loved actor, not only by the cast and crew on Benidorm but by the millions of fans out there.

‘He appeared as Donald Stewart in Benidorm from the first episode and helped play a huge part in its success. He will be greatly missed.’

He will be very much missed from the show!

Facebook Page Created Asking For Adrian Chiles To Be Sacked From ITV!

Facebook Page Created Asking For Adrian Chiles To Be Sacked From ITV!

A Facebook page has been created asking for Adrian Chiles to be sacked from ITV from hosting Football matches.

As you may know Adrian host’s  ITV’s football coverage and the cannel was thrashed at the ratings to BBC over the World Cup coverage.

The Facebook page is called  ‘Sack Adrian Chiles’, and says  ‘Get this muppet off our screens’.

Since the page went live it has received over 37,000 likes from people wanting him to be sacked!

When the Brazil 2014 Final was airing ITV received 2.86 million viewers when BBC received 12.09 million viewers.

The BBC show is hosted by Gary Lineker and has had a lot more better reviews.

A Petition has been set up on Petition site change.org asking for him to lose his job to and if the amount of people singing the petition is reached ITV will have to speak.

Mark Reeves, set up the petition and has said:

 “I, like many football fans, are sick and tired of Adrian Chiles ruining ITV’s coverage of some of the biggest games in world football.

“Adrian Chiles has never played or had anything to do with football before, stepping into punditry and it shows. His ignorance is annoying and frustrating. At one game he didn’t even know what continent he was in! Please join me and rid this man off our TV screens for good.”

In 2010 Chiles was singed to ITV for £6million and in April of this year reports have said that he took £1m-a-year pay cut, reducing his salary to around £500,000 a year.

Jeremy Kyle Gets Pepper-Sprayed While Filming A TV Show In Magaluf

Jeremy Kyle Gets Pepper-Sprayed While Filming A TV Show In Magaluf

Sources have been reporting that Jeremy Kyle was pepper-sprayed in Magaluf while filming a TV show.

It’s been said that after the assault happened Jeremy’s bodyguards carried him off back to his hotel room.

Kyle was trying to enter a night club when one of the bouncers on the door sprayed him in the eyes with the spray.

A ITV insider has told the Mailonline that this wasn’t the case!

ITV said:

‘Jeremy was walking around the strip with his film crew on Friday night when someone in the busy crowd sprayed the spray above their heads.

‘They decided to vacate the area to be on the safe side, as the spray was starting to have an affect on the eyes. Jeremy wasn’t trying to get into the nightclub and wasn’t refused entry by a bouncer.

‘He is filming in Magaluf for an upcoming series which is expected to run next year and one episode will focus on the youth culture in the area.

‘It’s a separate project to his daytime show and will appear in an evening slot.’

Since the news broke a photo has appeared online of Jeremy being carried away by his security team.

Carol Vorderman Quits Loose Women To Concentrate On Other Projects

Carol Vorderman Quits Loose Women To Concentrate On Other Projects

For the last three years Carol Vorderman has hosted ITV’s lunchtime show Loose Women but now she has announced that she is leaving.

The last couple of month Carol has rarely been seen on the show but it seems she’s ready to leave.

Talking to The Mirror she said:

‘I just can’t do it all.’

‘In the first two years on Loose I did over 100 days a year but in the last year I have only managed just over 20 days.

‘I kept having to cancel due to other work.’

We have to say we saw this coming.

It’s sad because we did like Carol on the show

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