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Phillip Schofield Opens Up About His Weight Loss On Alan Carr Chatty Man

Phillip Schofield Opens Up About His Weightless On Alan Carr Chatty Man

Over the last year or so Phillip Schofield has lost so much weight and now he has opened up about the diet on Alan Carr Chatty Man.

As you may know Phillip has been doing the 5:2 diet but now he has admitted that his diet has caused him suffer hallucinations.

Talking to Alan Carr he said:

“I saw a picture and thought, ‘You look a bit porky'”

“I wanted to be 11st. It took nine or ten months and now I am” 

Now Phill only eats 500 calories a day and fasts for two but this sort of diet doesn’t come without it’s consequences.

Schofield admitted:

“My stomach is now so small I have hardly any appetite and can’t keep weight on,”

“People say, ‘Are you alright, are you alright?'”

“I have had hallucinations.”

Since being on the diet Phill has lost a whopping two stone and looks great for it.

Good for him.

Miley Cyrus Goes Topless On Instagram

Miley Cyrus Goes Topless On Instagram

Miley Cyrus has decided to flash the flesh on Instagram as she shared a topless selfie.

The controversial star posed in the mirror in just her little undies with her hair sticking up making her look like Cameron Diaz lol.

Miley like normal had her tongue sticking out Miley covered her breasts with her arms.

Catch her snap above.

Lindsay Lohan Misses Out On Her Brother’s Graduation Because She Was In London

Lindsay Lohan Misses Out On Her Brother’s Graduation Because She Was In London

Over the last few weeks Lindsay Lohan has been spending lots of time in London but now she really has been missing luton some daily ocations.

Over the weekend Lindsay’s brother Cody Lohan graduated at the and all the family where there part from Lindsay.

Cody was joined by his mother Dina,sister  Ali, brother Michael Jr., and his grandma while Lindsay was styaing at in hotel at the Chiltern Firehouse, in Marylebone.

We are sure Lindsay would have like to attend but she has been busy in the capital.

Katie Price Puts Her Troubles Behind Her And Buys A £100,000 White Bentley Convertible

Katie Price Puts Her Troubles Behind Her And Buys A £100,000 White Bentley Convertible

Over the last few weeks it’s been really hard for Katie Price.

With the news breaking that her husband of a year and half Kieran Hayler had been having an affair with her best friend Jane Pountney and finding out she’a already six months pregnant.

Now it seems Katie has decided to have some me time as she splashed out a whopping £100,000 on a white Bentley Convertible.

The former glamour model was spotted out with a friend shopping and then went to car garage to pick up the beautiful car.

It’s good to know that it’s not keeping her down and with the news coming out yesterday they she has now kicked her cheating husband out and called his mother to pick him up it really seems like she is moving on for the better.

Harry Styles Wears Hair Extensions? According To Lily Allen He Does

Harry Styles Wears Hair Extensions? According To Lily Allen He Does

Today One Direction where performing at Radio 1 Big Weekend and so was Lilly Allen.

Half way though that day Lily takes to Instagram to shared a photo of herself and Harry Styles posing together.

Then a little later she tweeted that she just saw Harry having his hair extensions being put in.

The controversial tweeter said:

‘Just saw Harry Styles having hair extensions put in #exclusive’.

So there you have it.

If you ever wanted to know how Harry get’s his famous curls then it’s all extensions.

Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead Goes Blonde

Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead Goes Blonde

Made In Chelsea’s Binkie Felstead has decided to bleach her hair blonde.

The reality star has shared a photo online of her with a head scarf on and when you look closely you can clearly see that she is blonde.

Binky was filming with fellow cast member Mark Francis Vandelli when she snapped the photo along with the caption of:

“Love being with my Marky boy!”

But then blowing her cover Mark shared of Binkie with her normal colour hair and said:

 “Basic bitches beware.” So was it a handy wig? Er, yup. Shame really – Binky kind of suits being a blonde. Welcome to the light side, Binks!

We where hoping she was blonde it would really suite her and you never know she may have more fun lol.

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