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One Direction Boys Attend Louis Tomlinson’s Mother’s Wedding!

One Direction Boys Attend Louis Tomlinson’s Mother’s Wedding!

Louis Tomlinson may have been left feeling upset on Thursday after it was announced that hey will not be buying Doncaster Rovers FC.

But now the singer has had a joyful day as his mother, Johannah Poulston was getting married to Daniel Deakin on Sunday afternoon.

The wedding was in Manchester and all the boys attended the wedding apart from Zayn Malik.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan attended the wedding to support Louis and the 1D boys hairdresser Lou Teasdale was also spotted at the venue.

The boys looked very dapper as they where photographed arriving at the wedding.

Simon Cowell Proves He’s A Hands On Dad As He Shares Photo Of Him Bathing Son Eric

Simon Cowell Proves He’s A Hands On Dad As He Shares Photo Of Him Bathing Son Eric

Simon Cowell has taken some time out of filming the X Factor auditions to give his new born son Eric a bath.

The music mogul shared a photo online of him washing the little one to his millions of followers on Twitter.

Along with the photo Cowell said:

‘Bath Time!’

Simon loves to share photos of Eric and it’s nice to see.

We wonder if she will be bring the little on to the X Factor with him?

Miley Cyrus Celebrates Her Mum, Trish’s 47TH Birthday With Cocktails

Miley Cyrus Celebrates Her Mum, Trish’s 47TH Birthday With Cocktails 3

Miley Cyurs is a big party animal we know but now she has decided to party with her mum for her 47th birthday.

Miley and Tish drank cocktails and posed for lots of Instagram snaps and wore lots of funny masks and wigs during their little photo shoot.

The pair went to a neighbourhood bar and restaurant in Manchester, England at around 9:30PM and party till way past midnight.

Have a look at the photos from the evening that Miley shared with her followers on Instagram.

Caroline Aherne Feared She Would Have Died During Her Treatment For Lung Cancer

Caroline Aherne Feared She Would Have Died During Her Treatment For Lung Cancer

Yesterday the news broke in the press that actress Caroline Aherne has been suffering and receiving treatment for lung cancer for the last five months.

Well now the Royle Family star has said that she worried she would die during the treatment for the disease.

A source close to the actress has spoke to The Sun and said:

 “Put it like this — at times in the hospital there were very grave areas of concern. The chemotherapy was really intensive.

“But she’s a fighter. After two weeks of recovery at home, she came on leaps and bounds. She has a positive outlook and is winning this battle.

“Caroline wanted to keep the illness under wraps while undergoing treatment.

“She didn’t lose any weight during chemo but she did lose all her hair.

“The one group of people she really wants to thank are the Macmillan nurses, who were brilliant throughout. Over the next few months she faces further chest X-rays and blood tests. She will be in remission for five years.”

We wish her all the best.

The Royle Family’s Caroline Aherne Announces She’s Undergoing Treatment For Lung Cancer After Beating It TWO Times Before!

The Royle Family's Caroline Aherne Announces She’s Undergoing Treatment For Lung Cancer After Beating It TWO Times Before!

Actress Caroline Aherne has announced that she is currently undergoing treatment for lung cancer.

The actress has been undergoing the treatment in Manchester and has previously had eye and bladder cancer and managed to get over the disease.

Caroline is currently receiving treatment from Macmillan Cancer and she also supports the charity too.

Caroline is mostly best know for playing Denise in the hit sitcom The Royle Family and also more recently the narrator for Googlebox.

Talking to the Manchester Evening News she said:

‘I’ve had cancer and my brother’s had cancer and we know how it affects people, 

‘We’re lucky in Manchester to have some of the best bits of cancer care with places like The Christie, the Nightingale Centre and the Cecelia Centre at Wythenshawe Hospital and St Ann’s Hopice – and the last thing I want to do is knock the fantastic work that goes on in this city.

She carried on in saying:

‘It’s brilliant that all these big institutions want to make cancer care better for Manchester people, but even the best doctors, nurses and managers on earth aren’t going to be able to understand what needs improving unless people affected by cancer in Manchester get involved and tell them what needs to change.

‘The reason why the partnership has been formed is because all the partners recognise that the whole cancer care system is fragmented, meaning that people do fall through the cracks,’ she added.

‘They’ve asked me to get involved and I’m really glad that I can do my bit to encourage Manchester people to speak up about where things do go wrong with cancer care.

‘It’s truly shocking to learn that Manchester came bottom out of 150 areas in England for premature deaths from cancer. Our survival rates are a quarter lower than average and the number of people getting lung cancer is a third higher here than in the rest of England.

‘There are too many stories about bad communication leading to patients waiting too long and feeling ignored and abandoned and that same bad communication is contributing to poor statistics on cancer.

‘The partnership needs people like us to start explaining to all the institutions what needs changing so that these big, complex organisations can get together to make the improvements.’

We wish her all the best with the treatment.

Rihanna Has Become Addicted To Wotsits!

rihanna suspenders 2

Rihanna is addicted to lots of things but this new addiction is completely legal!

The singer has been said to be addicted to Wotsits lol.

It’s been reported that she grabs a bag of the cheesy treats at every opportunity and she was even said to have been ordering them by the box load  in London’s Café Royal during her tour in the capital.

A source from the hotel has told Sunday People:

“Rihanna’s love for Wotsits has caused much laughter among the staff. They find it very funny that the star would be so hooked on them.

“We’re not just talking the odd packet here and there – she wants boxes of them on hand for whenever she fancies them. It is utterly bizarre but she just can’t get enough of them.”

We can completely agree with her addiction.

But the thing is will she still have the body she has if she keeps the habit up??

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