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Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Back On!

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Back On!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship is so up and down we just can’t cope but now it looks like they are back together again!

For the last few months the pair have been secretly dating and sources have even reported that the Love word has been thrown around!

The reports have said that the ‘love’ word was used over the weekend and they where spending lots of time together.

The pair spent the weekend together hanging around at their home.

We wonder where this relationship is going?

[Photo Via: Instagram]

Orlando Bloom HITS Justin Bieber!!!!

Orlando Bloom HITS Justin Bieber!!!! 3

It seems Justin Bieber has done something to upset Orlando Bloom!

The pair where partying in Ibiza at Cipriani restaurant in the early hours of Wednesday morning when Orlando decided to punch Bieber right in the face!

Sources have been reporting that when Orlando was married to Miranda Kerr it was reported that she had a flirting section with Justin and that’s what the punch was about.

Justin yelled at Orlando and said:

‘What up, bitch?’

This upset Orlando and he clerkly wasn’t happy.

It’s good to know that Bieber never hit back but what we want to know is what was the punch about?

We personally think the sources are correct and it was all about Bieber flirting with Miranda.

Taylor Swift Wears Her ’S’ Necklace For Selena Gomez!

Taylor Swift Wears Her ’S’ Necklace For Selena Gomez!

Over the years Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have not had the best of relationships.

But now Taylor has wore her ’S’ necklace that normally means Swift but she has changed it for Selena’s birthday.

Along with the photo she said:

“Usually this S represents ‘Swift’ but today I’m wearing it because SELENA IS 22!!!!”

It’s rare to see Taylor wearing a necklace so Selena must mean a lot to her at the moment.

Selena Gomez Gets A Tattoo

Selena Gomez Gets A Tattoo

Selena Gomez has showed off her brand new tattoo on her back.

Gomez stopped off at celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang‘s shop to get the ink of some  Arabic writing.

Bang Bang has now spoken about the tattoo and said:

‘Selena already had it written out how she wanted. The tattoo is about 4 inches, and didn’t take too long, probably about 30-45 minutes. We played with it a bit laying it out, until we found the perfect spot. She had been wanting this one for a while. Its meaning translates to ‘Love Yourself.”

Then Bang Bang said that Selena said she would like to have another tattoo:

‘When we did that one, she was talking about another one. But we haven’t talked plans just yet. There are always plans to do another one.’

We wonder what the tattoo says?

Maybe Justin Bieber in arabic?

Justin Bieber Goes For Dinner With His Rumoured Model Girlfriend

Justin Bieber Goes For Dinner With His Rumoured Model Girlfriend

As we told you last week about the rumours flying around about Justin Bieber and his rumoured model girlfriend that he has been spending all his time with recently.

Well now the singer decided to take Yovanna Ventura out for dinner on Saturday night.

Along with a photo he said:

Dinner for 2 😉

Dinner for 2 friends or BF and GF??

So what do you think are they an item or not?

Selena Gomez Lets Her Nipple Slip In New Instagram Snap

Selena Gomez Lets Her Nipple Slip In New Instagram Snap

Yesterday Selena Gomez was spotted out with her breasts out pocking over the top of her very low top.

Well now the singer has shared a Instagram snap and when you look closely at the photo you can see Gomez has her nipple out lol.

Selena was out with friends Wednesday night in New York City when the nip slip happened.

[Photo Via: Instagram]

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