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A Cop Is Being Sued For Leering At Whitney Houston’s Body

A Cop Is Being Sued For Leering At Whitney Houston's Body

A police officer who works for Beverly Hills police department is being sued after he was could leering at Whiney Houston’s dead body two years go.

Brian Weir has filed a law suite on Sgt. Terry Nutall after he found Terry pulling back the covers of Whiney’s body and said:

“Damn, she’s still looking good, huh?”

It now been said that Brian the man who sued Terry has been shacked for making up the story!

It’s not been 100% confirmed that Brian did lie but we will have to see what goes on with this story.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Rumoured Housemates See List HERE!

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Rumoured Housemates See List HERE!

With this years series of Big Brother coming to an end in a couple of weeks the new series of Celebrity Big Brother starts on August 20th and now we have some rumours on what celebs will be in the house.

Some  big names of the TV have been rumoured to be entering the hose people like Loose Women‘s Carol McGiffin, The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers and more.

The full list of rumoured celebs are:

 Charlotte Crosby

Bobbi Kristina Brown

Carol McGiffin

Sam Faiers

Bill Oddie

Ron Atkinson 

Sophie Anderton

Geordie Shore’s Charlotte has said that being in the house will be a ‘walk in the park’ and it’s also been said that she will scoope £30,000 to be in the house if the rumours are true.

Also, Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, has reportadly been offered a whopping  £300,000 for the three week stay in the house.

birdwatcher Bill Oddie has also said that he has been offered ‘lots of money’ to go in the house as he tweeted on Twitter:

“My agent just called-”Is Bill available to do Celebrity Big Brother?” Well, folks what do you think? (It’s a lot of money!)”

We will just have to wait and see when it returns to out screens later this month.


Chris Brown’s Mum is Team Rihanna!

Rihanna & Chris Brown Cozy Up Together In Another Photo She Posted Online

Another day and more rumours are coming out about Rihanna and Chris Brown!

We are finding it hard to stay on track with their relationship now but one thing that we do know it Chris’ mum, Joyce Hawkins, is on Rihanna’s side and not her own sons.

Chris’ mum must know about all the drama between her son and future daughter-in-law Riri as it’s every wear but it seems like she just dont care.

Tweeting on Twitter Joyce said:


One Direction Are Getting Waxed For Madame Tussauds

One Direction Are Getting Waxed For Madame Tussauds

One Direction are being made into wax for the biggest cities.

The models will be in London, New York and Sydney and will be on show from April.

The boys have  recently spoke about being turned into wax:

We’re just kind of a bit overwhelmed. We’ve been to Madame Tussauds and seen the kind of people who are in there. It’s crazy to think that we will up there with them.



We actually first heard when we were over at Madame Tussauds looking at the figures so we were even more like WOW we’re going to get one of these made.

And they are so amazing as well.

The quality of the work that goes on over there is mad.


This is insane.

All the biggest stars around the world get these wax figures made of them and why are we, five normal lads, getting these made?

It’s an amazing honour, really cool and we can’t wait to see them.


We were super excited to find out that they were making us and that people felt we were worthy of a figure.


I think it’s going to be quite weird to see yourself as a wax figure.

But it’s an amazing honour to be there.

If you look at some of the names that are in there, we are very proud.


As you can imagine the wax models are going to be really popular with fans of the boys so we be Madame Tussauds will be very busy next month.


One Direction Show Off Their Valentine’s Day Play List!

One Direction Show Off Their Valentine's Day Play List!

One Direction have said what their Valentines day playlist is!

NiallZaynHarryLouis and Liam have written out a list of all the love songs that they like every thing from Whitney Houston to Usher and no Taylor Swift in site LOL.

Have a look at the list below:

1. Little Things – One Direction
2. Tainted Love – Soft Cell
3. Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars
4. My Love – Lykke Li
5. U Got It Bad – Usher
6. The Real Thing – Gwen Stefani
7. Rolling In The Deep – Adele
8. How Will I Know – Whitney Houston
9. When You Really Love Someone – Alicia Keys
10. Crazy In Love – BeyonceJay-Z
11. You Love Me – Kelly Clarkson
12. What A Girl Wants – Christina Aguilera
13. Kiss You – One Direction

Oprah Tweets Back At A Hater After Receiving A Rude Tweet

Oprah Tweets Back At A Hater After Receiving A Rude Tweet

When your a celebrity one thing you have to put up with is hate on Twitter!

But unlike most celebs Oprah decided to reply to one of her haters on the social networking site.

On Monday in the states  Oprah’s interview with Whitney Houston’s mum and brother aired are was watched by millions and it really set the social networking sites on fire with tweets and comments.

But one viewer tweeted Oprah saying:

Damn @Oprah look old as hell tonight😮😬!!!!!!#NextChapter

Oprah saw this tweet and did not hold back in replying as she said back:

@kp1lady old as Hell? Really?

Oprah dosent normally reply to her followers so we bet that the hater was shocked to see the reply!

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