Facebook Page Created Asking For Adrian Chiles To Be Sacked From ITV!

Facebook Page Created Asking For Adrian Chiles To Be Sacked From ITV!

A Facebook page has been created asking for Adrian Chiles to be sacked from ITV from hosting Football matches.

As you may know Adrian host’s  ITV’s football coverage and the cannel was thrashed at the ratings to BBC over the World Cup coverage.

The Facebook page is called  ‘Sack Adrian Chiles’, and says  ‘Get this muppet off our screens’.

Since the page went live it has received over 37,000 likes from people wanting him to be sacked!

When the Brazil 2014 Final was airing ITV received 2.86 million viewers when BBC received 12.09 million viewers.

The BBC show is hosted by Gary Lineker and has had a lot more better reviews.

A Petition has been set up on Petition site change.org asking for him to lose his job to and if the amount of people singing the petition is reached ITV will have to speak.

Mark Reeves, set up the petition and has said:

 “I, like many football fans, are sick and tired of Adrian Chiles ruining ITV’s coverage of some of the biggest games in world football.

“Adrian Chiles has never played or had anything to do with football before, stepping into punditry and it shows. His ignorance is annoying and frustrating. At one game he didn’t even know what continent he was in! Please join me and rid this man off our TV screens for good.”

In 2010 Chiles was singed to ITV for £6million and in April of this year reports have said that he took £1m-a-year pay cut, reducing his salary to around £500,000 a year.

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