Peaches Geldof Wanted To Be Normal And Not Famous According To Her Friends

Peaches Geldof’s Death- All The Latest News
More sade news has come out about Peaches Geldof.

According to one of her close friends Peache’s never wanted to be famous and wanted a normal life instead of a life in the media.

Michele Kavanagh, who’s a part of the Gentle Parenting Group in Maidstone, Kent, who Peaches was a member of said that Peaches found it heard that all of her famous friends didn’t know what it was like to be a mother.

Talking to the Sunday Mirror Michele said:

‘She really wanted to be out of it. All she wanted was a normal life.’

‘She said she found the world of celebrity very shallow since she’d become a mother.

‘She told me a lot of her famous friends didn’t have children and didn’t understand her if she spoke about how tiring it was to be a mum.

Maybe she took the drugs to cope with the fame?

So sad.

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