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Cheryl Cole Send A Massive F-Bomb Message To Simon Cowell When He Sacked Her From The US X Factor

Cheryl Cole Send A Massive F-Bomb Message To Simon Cowell When He Sacked Her From The US X Factor
If you remember back to a few years ago when Simon Cowell asked Cheryl Cole to be a judge on the US version of X Factor and then sacked her within a few days and replaced her with Nicole Scherzinger!

Well now Cheryl has talked about the text message that she sent Simon after she found out that he has gave her the boot.

The message said:

“F*ck you, F*ck Fox, F*ck the orange and purple outfit. F*ck the big hair. F*ck the UK X Factor. F*ck you all. I hate you.”

WOW she seems happy doesn’t she?

Talk about dropping a F-bomb.

We know they Cheryl was fuming but we didn’t know that she was that mad.

It’s understanable because it did look bait embarasing.

Kim Kardashian Made 28 MILLION DOLLARS Last Year!!

Kim Kardashian Made 28 MILLION DOLLARS Last Year!!

According to Forbes Celebrity 100 Kim Kardashian sits at number 80 because of the amount of money she made last year.

The reality start made a whopping 28 million dollars last year and if you are thinking that she made all that money from her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians then your wrong.

Kim made most of her money last year from public appearances, the sisters clothing line, and of corse all the makeup ranges.

But that’s not it because Kimmy was paid a lot to tweet about products on her Twitter page.

Also Kanye West landed himself on the 20 spot on the list.

They have so much money it’s unbelievable.

Miley Cyrus Goes Topless On Instagram

Miley Cyrus Goes Topless On Instagram

Miley Cyrus has decided to flash the flesh on Instagram as she shared a topless selfie.

The controversial star posed in the mirror in just her little undies with her hair sticking up making her look like Cameron Diaz lol.

Miley like normal had her tongue sticking out Miley covered her breasts with her arms.

Catch her snap above.

Selena Gomez Poses In Skimpy Bikini In New Instagram Snap

Selena Gomez Poses In Skimpy Bikini In New Instagram Snap

Selena Gomez has sent her Instagram followers crazy as she shared posed on a beach in a skimpy bikini.

The singer looked like she was having the time of her life in the photo proving that ll the rumours about her love life are not getting her down.

Along with the photo Gomez said:

“Taking my power back.. can’t wait to show you where I’ve been. I love y’all. Ps, I still obsess over pickles.”

She looks great.

Dita Von Teese Shares Photo From When She Was 16 Looking COMPLETELY Different From Now

Dita Von Teese Shares Photo From When She Was 16 Looking COMPLETELY Different From Now

Dita Von Teese is famous for her black hair and her fantastic skin.

But now the 41-year-old has shared a photo of her from when she was 16 looking complexly different than what she looks now.

Along with the photo of her blonde above she said:

‘Found this pic of me sunbathing, age 16. I still love the beach, but these days I prefer to enjoy it with sun protection or by moon-bathing in a black swimsuit paired with diamonds.’

It’s unbelievable how different she looks and she doesn’t look that much older today than what she was back when she was 16.


Fans Get One Direction Thrown Out Of Their Hotel Room!


One Direction have been forced to move out of their hotel room beucase of their loyal fans.

The boys are currently on their Where We Are Tour and as you may know their loyals fans follow them every wear and the hotel staff couldn’t cope with the fans camping outside of the hotel.

The fans where outside of the hotel screening all hours of the day forcing locals to complain that they couldn’t get any sleep.

Even the 1D boys could get their sleep because of the noise and we can’t have them falling asleep on the stage now can we?


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