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Katie Price Shares Photo Of Her One Day Old Daughter’s Finger Holding On To Unfaithful Husband Kieran Hayler’s Hand

Katie Price Shares Photo Of Her One Day Old Daughter’s Finger Holding On To Unfaithful Husband Kieran Hayler's Hand

Katie Price has shared a super cute snap of her new born daughter holding her daddy’s hand.

Katie only gave birth yesterday and the news broke yesterday evening.

As you may know Katie’s has had a real hard time recently as she found out that her husband Kieran Hayler had been cheating on her with two of her friends.

Along with the photo she said:

‘Daddy’s little girl :).’

Katie has decided to let Kieran stay with her while he has therapy and then she’s going to see what happens.

Katie Price Claims Her Husband Kieran Hayler Cheated With Another Woman Along With Her BFF But She’s Sticking By Him!

Katie Price To Have Early Caesarean As She Spends TWO Weeks In European Hospital

Katie Price has reviled that her husband Kieran Hayler not only cheated with Katie’s best friend Jane Pountney he cheated with another woman too.

Talking on her new radio show called Fubar Radio show alongside Mark Dolan, the former glamour model admitted:

‘In my situation it’s one of the most horrific things you can be in.

‘It’s a serious matter, I’ve got children. I’ve done nothing wrong. He’s obviously been with my best friend [Jane] and another woman.’

Katie then went on to say during her slot on the air ways:

‘Keep her away from your husbands and boyfriends. She’s a w***e, a sl*t, baggy f***y. This is just the beginning. 

‘I would not wish it on anyone. It’s actually disgusting what those two human beings have done to me and it’s cruel. The fact that I had to entertain these people knowing what they were doing behind my back is awful.’

Katie then talked about how Kieran is currently relieving help:

‘What’s that song that Rihanna done – You’re Only Sorry Now You’ve Got Caught. He’s getting help, rehab, therapy.’ 

‘All I can do is deal with this situation, get him help and who knows he might end up being better than he was before. 

At least Katie has now spoke about it publicly and that Kieran is receiving help now.

Katie Price Gives Her First Interview Since Her Finding Out Her Husband Had Been Cheating On Her

Katie Price Makes Her First Public Appearance In A Shocking Rainbow Outfit

Katie Price has given her first interview since she found out that her husband Kieran Hayler had been cheating on her with Katie’s best friend Jane Pountney.

Talking at the promotion of hair dye removal ColourB4 Katie said:

‘Trust me, if everybody knew what was going on they’d be like, “How the hell is she sitting here today?”, because it’s that bad.

‘But I am here today and I’m glad I’m here today and I’m glad a look like a big t**. Literally.’

‘There’s always lots going on [in my life].

Katie then went on to say:

‘I’ve got a s*** personal life at the moment which we won’t go into that. Before all that s*** with my personal life, it was supposed to be a good year for me.

 ‘There’s lots of really exciting things that were going to come up and I’m still going to do them and thank God I’d got a good future coming up and with lots of good things this year so it’ll keep me busy.’

She really has had a hard few weeks but she did seems really happy to be at the promtoion.

Katie Price Admits That Her Cheating Husband Wasn’t Telling The ‘Full Truth’ As She Finds Out More About His Affair

Katie Price Admits That Her Cheating Husband Wasn’t Telling The ‘Full Truth’ As She Finds Out More About His Affair

Since the new broken in the media a few weeks back that Katie Price’s husband Kieran Hayler had been cheating behind her back with Katie’s best friend Jane Pountney.

Well now the former glamour model has admitted that he wasn’t telling the full truth when he recently spoke to the press.

Katie admitted:

‘I’m not sure I’ll ever get the complete truth from Kieran about his affair with my ex-best friend Jane [Pountney] – or any other women – but I know enough and I’ve read enough.’

‘I didn’t know what he was going to say and I was too concerned about my unborn child to care, frankly.

‘Let’s just say that even in ‘coming clear’ to the press Kieran still wasn’t telling the full truth – not even close!’

So what else has he been up to that he hasn’t told us?

Katie Price Rushed To Hospital And Cheating Husband Kieran Hayler Joined Her!

Today reports broke that Katie Price had reportedly been rushed to hospital over the weekend and was joined by her cheating husband Kieran Hayler.

Katie went to hospital for a scan to make sure the baby is health because she has been under so much stress after finding out that her husband had been cheating on her with her best friends Jane Pountney.

A source has reported:

“Her condition, including her stress levels, is being monitored by doctors and that’s why it was necessary to go to hospital on Saturday. Everyone is being cautious because it wouldn’t be helpful for her to go into labour early.”

Katie reportedly told a friend:

With this amount of stress I could go into labour or even lose the baby.”

Katie or her management team haven’t confirmed the reports yet.


Katie Price Turns To Kerry Katona For Support Over Her Divorce Announcement From Kieran Hayler

Kerry Katona And Katie Price Kiss And Make Up As They Put Their Feud Behind Them And Pose For A Snap!

As you will know Katie Price has not had the best of few weeks recently with the news about her husband Kieran Hayler’s affair with her best friend Jane Pountey.

Well now Katie is finding support from her previous feud Kerry Katona and she is apparently helping her though this very hard time.

After spending some time with Katie Kerry tweeted her support for the busty glamour model:

As always ladies, was great seeing you @MissKatiePrice @OfficialEmmaB #girlpower xxxxxxxx

Good to know they really are back to being BFF’s.

Good on them.

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