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Katie Price Puts Her Troubles Behind Her And Buys A £100,000 White Bentley Convertible

Katie Price Puts Her Troubles Behind Her And Buys A £100,000 White Bentley Convertible

Over the last few weeks it’s been really hard for Katie Price.

With the news breaking that her husband of a year and half Kieran Hayler had been having an affair with her best friend Jane Pountney and finding out she’a already six months pregnant.

Now it seems Katie has decided to have some me time as she splashed out a whopping £100,000 on a white Bentley Convertible.

The former glamour model was spotted out with a friend shopping and then went to car garage to pick up the beautiful car.

It’s good to know that it’s not keeping her down and with the news coming out yesterday they she has now kicked her cheating husband out and called his mother to pick him up it really seems like she is moving on for the better.

Kelly Osbourne Gets Into A Twitter Row With Paris Hilton!

Kelly Osbourne Gets Into A Twitter Row With Paris Hilton!

Kelly Osbourne and Paris Hilton have gotten themselves into another Twitter row!

It all started at this years  Coachella when Paris approached Kelly in one of the VIP rooms and Kelly refused to let paris in and hang out with her!

The it’s been said that Paris shouted out and called Kelly a b*tch and stormed out of the room in a huff.

Kelly has now tweeted:

Paris then saw the tweet and replied:

We think to be honest it’s all one big missunderstanding.

Celebs Take To Twitter To Share Their Condolences On The Death Of Nelson Mandela

Celebs Take To Twitter To Share Their Condolences On The Death Of Nelson Mandela

After the news about the death of Nelson Mandela broke hundreds of celebrities took to Twitter to share their thought.

So many celebrities shared their thoughts from Rihanna to Khloe Kardashian so have a look at the tweets below:





Eva Longoria & Mark Sanchez Split Up!

Eva Longoria & Mark Sanchez Split Up!

After losing the game to the New England Patriots and now he has spit with Eva Longoria so it’s not been the best of weeks for Mark Sanchez.

New reports have said that the pair separated on amicable terms.

Sources said:

“Mark adores and respects Eva. It really was about scheduling more than anything else. They will remain close friends. There was no drama. They just have completely different schedules and lifestyles.”

We still do not know it this is 100% true or not but if they have split you never know they may get back together.

Rihanna Has Been Liked To Another Man!!

English: Rihanna in Jingle Ball, presented by WNCI

English: Rihanna in Jingle Ball, presented by WNCI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rihanna has been linked to another celebrity guy, Knicks player J.R. Smith!

It has been said that they where spotted by more than one source at the Verandanightclub in NYC!

Here’s what one of those sources said:

“They were very flirty in the club all night and holding hands. She was sitting on his lap and was really into him.”

And another source:

“He is the team’s most controversial player, so it’s no wonder that Rihanna likes him.”

We just want her to be happy!!

If shes happy we are happy.

Rihanna’s Family Blames Management For Overwork

Rihanna To Perform Where Have You Been On American Idol Finale

Everyone is worrying about Rihanna at the moment!

For them close to her are so worried that Rihannas Management have over worked the singer.

From those who saw her ill earlier this week and in need of an IV, to those who want her in rehab, everyone is voicing concern.

But the family is saying now that the Management is the reason behind her being ill.

Rorrey Fenty, Rihannas brother said:

”I could see this coming. Her management have been working her a 13-hour day. She’s been exhausted for months.”

Overwork is a serious issue with artists and celebs these days. It isn’t always just an excuse to cover up deeper issues.

This is not good for the singer!!

We think she really need to rest and have a few weeks off and get some lovely sleep.

[Image Via: Wikimedia]

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