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Danny Dyer Cheated On The Mother Of His Children With A 21-Year-Old Student!

Danny Dyer Cheated On The Mother Of His Children With A 21-Year-Old Student!

Today news has broke that Danny Dyer cheated on the mother of his two children Joanne Mas with a young student.

The Sunday Mirror, has reported that Dyer spent the night with the young girl after he meet her in a club and she sent him a naked photo to his phone.

Danny then swapped numbers with the girl last month but she hasn’t heard from him since.

Over the years Danny had admitted to cheating on Joanne and she has forgave him.

A friend of the student has told The Mirror:

‘She wasn’t sure whether he had a partner when they started talking, but the conversation flowed really easily between them both and kept on almost all night.

‘They had a few drinks and when it got late they decided to leave together. She was a bit embarrassed afterwards, and told her friends that he had gone back with her.

‘It really isn’t the sort of thing that she would normally do, and she certainly wouldn’t have taken pictures with a man, but was a bit starstruck and carried away in the moment.’

Today Danny wasn’t meat to be at a book singing but he announced on his Twitter page that he wouldn’t be turning up.

Katie Price Gives Her First Interview Since Her Finding Out Her Husband Had Been Cheating On Her

Katie Price Makes Her First Public Appearance In A Shocking Rainbow Outfit

Katie Price has given her first interview since she found out that her husband Kieran Hayler had been cheating on her with Katie’s best friend Jane Pountney.

Talking at the promotion of hair dye removal ColourB4 Katie said:

‘Trust me, if everybody knew what was going on they’d be like, “How the hell is she sitting here today?”, because it’s that bad.

‘But I am here today and I’m glad I’m here today and I’m glad a look like a big t**. Literally.’

‘There’s always lots going on [in my life].

Katie then went on to say:

‘I’ve got a s*** personal life at the moment which we won’t go into that. Before all that s*** with my personal life, it was supposed to be a good year for me.

 ‘There’s lots of really exciting things that were going to come up and I’m still going to do them and thank God I’d got a good future coming up and with lots of good things this year so it’ll keep me busy.’

She really has had a hard few weeks but she did seems really happy to be at the promtoion.

Katie Price Puts Her Troubles Behind Her And Buys A £100,000 White Bentley Convertible

Katie Price Puts Her Troubles Behind Her And Buys A £100,000 White Bentley Convertible

Over the last few weeks it’s been really hard for Katie Price.

With the news breaking that her husband of a year and half Kieran Hayler had been having an affair with her best friend Jane Pountney and finding out she’a already six months pregnant.

Now it seems Katie has decided to have some me time as she splashed out a whopping £100,000 on a white Bentley Convertible.

The former glamour model was spotted out with a friend shopping and then went to car garage to pick up the beautiful car.

It’s good to know that it’s not keeping her down and with the news coming out yesterday they she has now kicked her cheating husband out and called his mother to pick him up it really seems like she is moving on for the better.

Katie Price’s Husband Kieran Hayler Took A Jeremy Kyle Show Style Lie Detector To Prove That He Did Cheat!

Katie Price Announces She Getting DIVORCED From Kieran Hayler Just Days After It’s Announced She’s Already 6 MONTHS PREGNANT!

Katie Price’s husband Kieran Hayler has told sources that he took a lie detector test to prove to Katie that he never cheated on her with her best friend Jane Pountney.

Talking to The Sun’s Sharon Hendry, Hayler admitted:

‘I promised Katie I would do a lie detector test,’ ‘It felt like being on death row in the electric chair.’


Kieran was then wired up to a machine that has heat detectors on the end and  placed strategically under his bottom.

He was then asked a number of questions including:

1: Other than one time in Cape Verde, have you kissed Jane?

2. Have you ever had sexual contact with Jane?

3. Have you had contact with Jane since the holiday in Cape Verde?’ 

If your a viewer of ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show you will know that the questions asked where very similar to the shows.

But now ITV have confirmed that Kieran never had a lie detector from them!

Telling the Mailonline a spokesperson from ITV said:

‘The Jeremy Kyle show use an external company to conduct our lie detector  tests.

‘The test would have been conducted independently from the TV show.’

So don’t worry we are not going to be seeing Kieran and Katie on the show anytime soon LOL.

Katie Price Hits Back At Her Cheating Husband Just One Day After He Begs For Her Forgiveness!

Katie Price Hits Back At Her Cheating Husband Just One Day After He Begs For Her Forgiveness!

It’s all heating up again in the world of Katie Price.

Katie has hit out at her cheating husband Kieran Hayler again after he tweeted her yesterday wishing her happy birthday and asking for her forgiveness.

Well now Katie has taken to Twitter to share a piece of her mind again to her near two million followers.

In a series of three tweets she said:

‘My thought – Defeat your enemies with success’

‘This has been the case – The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.’

‘Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.’

It seems his sweet talk yesterday has done nothing but wind Katie up instead of what he thought would have done and that is win her back.

Katie Price’s Husband Kieran Hayler Gets SUSPENDED From Stripping After New Broke That He Had Been Cheating

Katie Price's Husband Kieran Hayler Gets SUSPENDED From Stripping After New Broke That He Had Been Cheating

Katie Price’s husband Kieran Hayler has been suspended from his stripping job due to the affair that he had with Katie’s best friend Jane Pountney.

He worked for Adonis Cabaret and now they have decided to postpone the management of his stripping career because he was playing away.

The Daily Mirror has released a statement to OK saying:

‘The Adonis family will always be here for him. We very much hope Kieran and Katie can work through this troubled time.

‘As a team we are shocked and saddened to hear the stories in the press regarding Katie Price and Kieran.

‘We have spoken to Kieran at length and respect that some matters are very personal – It’s been a shock to everyone. Kieran has always seemed so happy enjoying family life.’

Adonis Cabaret have been contacted and do not wish to comment!

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