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Has Kylie Jenner Had A Lip Injection To Give Her The Perfect Lips?

Has Kylie Jenner Had A Lip Injection To Give Her The Perfect Lips?

In the last few selfies that Kylie Jenner has shared on Instagram you can clearly see when you look at he flips that she has a what looks like a hole where an injection would be injected!

Lots of sources have reported that the reality star has had her lips made bigger while she is only 16-year-of-age.

Over the last year of so her looks have gorton so much bigger so it really does look like she has had something done.

Nothing has been confirmed if she has had any lip injections but it sure doe spook like it to us.

Have a look at the photo above and see for yourself.

Katy Perry Belches Her Eyebrows! See The Funny Look HERE!

Katy Perry Belches Her Eyebrows! See The Funny Look HERE!

Pop singer Katy Perry has decided to bleach her eyebrows blonde!

The roar hit make debuted her eyebrows on Instagram as she posed showing off the new brows, her slicked baby hair and rather long finger nails.

We have to say the eyebrows are not for us and not the best look we have ever seen Katy rock.

What do you think?

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Day False Eye Lashes Sals Shoot Though The Roof Since She Wore Them!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are On Honeymoon In Irland!

Since Kim Kardashian tied the know to Kanye West last weekend sales in the eye lashes that she was wearing have shot though the roof.

The $13 product is up 48 percent in sales and yes you read that right $13 that’s all.

Like we told you yesterday Kimmy’s wedding makeup only came to $44 so it seems someones getting tight in her old age lol.

That’s so cheep and especially for your wedding day.

What do you think of the lashes?

Kendall Jenner Looks So Much Like Her Sister Kim Kardashian In New Instagram Photo

Kendall Jenner Looks So Much Like Her Sister Kim Kardashian In New Instagram Photo

In a recent Instagram photo that Kendall Jenner has shared she looks so much like her sister Kim Kardashian.

In the photo Kendall is wearing the same type of makeup that Kim K was wearing on her wedding day.

Humm it seems she’s been borrowing Kimmy’s makeup artist.

Have a look at the photo above.

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Make Up Costs $44!

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Make Up Cost $44!

If you have been looking at Kim Kardashian’s wedding photos and thought that her make up looked very expensive you though twrogn.

It’s been announce that her Lipstick costed $9, Lashes $15 & $20 Eyeliner!

That’s so cheep.

Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic who caught a snap with Kim K on her wedding day said:

“I was the only makeup artist that did Kim’s makeup. For her lips, I used L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid in the colour of Nude Ballet. It’s just something that I decided to use on her myself. For Kim’s eyes, I used Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. It launches next month so Kim got it exclusively for her wedding. For her eyeliner I went with Perversion Ink for Eyes by Urban Decay. We worked together for so long so I’m so comfortable with her face. It was actually not nerve wracking. It was a great experience. She looked stunning. I also made up Kourtney that day.”

That’s great.

Good to know that she didn’t spend thousands of makeup like they did on follower walls.

Kendall Jenner Hasn’t Had A Nose Job!

With Kendall Jenner being a model her looks are everything.

But now Kendall has cleared up rumours that she’s had a nose job.

During a recent appearance with her sister Kylie Jenner on Extra, Kendall said:

“Honestly, people can make something up and make other people believe it, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

When your in the public stye people are always going to judge.

Good to know it’s not getting her down.


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