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Katy Perry Belches Her Eyebrows! See The Funny Look HERE!

Katy Perry Belches Her Eyebrows! See The Funny Look HERE!

Pop singer Katy Perry has decided to bleach her eyebrows blonde!

The roar hit make debuted her eyebrows on Instagram as she posed showing off the new brows, her slicked baby hair and rather long finger nails.

We have to say the eyebrows are not for us and not the best look we have ever seen Katy rock.

What do you think?

Justin Bieber Beggs Calvin Klein To Let Him Model Their Underwear!


Justin Bieber loves to pose with his top off for Instagram snaps.

But now Bieber has hinted on the photo sharing site that he would like to model for Calvin Klein!

The singer shared the photo above with the caption of:

What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign ♛ ? Comment below yes or no”

We have no clue if he will model for Calvin Klein in the future but is he having words about making his dream a reality??

What do you think could he be a underwear model??


Lindsay Lohan Gets Her Hands On A Record Deal


Recently Lindsay Lohan has been posting photo’s of herself in the recording studio and now it’s been said that she has landed herself a record deal.

The actress has reportedly been approached by a label and they really want to sign her.

SMH Records has offered her big bucks to sign to their label and they say that her secret album will be a big success.

SMH founding partner, Jonathan Hay, has said the following:

“Lindsay is a tremendous talent and our distribution through Capital/ Universal Music Group means we have the resources to help Lindsay make her comeback.”

We can really see her have a successfully singing career but will many people buy her album??


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