Are Nicki Minaj Teeth Teeth Fake??


WOW this came out of the blue!!

looking at photo of Nicki Minaj on the internet has showen up some false looking teeth from miss Munaj!?

She spends money on making her bum bigger and on makeing her more plasic but she has teeth like that its a bit hard to understand.

We really don’t know if they are real or fake but you need to make your own mind up.hea

She might replaced her old teeth with veneers or she has caps on Caps go over her regular teeth, so they cover up her old ones, but in no case those are natural, they are not her real teeth.

What do you think real of fake let us know?!

15 responses

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  2. Here Teeth maybe real or fake but , in this picture her teeth look dirty i mean look at the orange shit in the back of her teeth. Don’t get me wrong i love nicki with all my heart and i’m her biggest fan but she need too get them teeth clean lol .

    1. LyricPolanki (@Nicki_loverz) | Reply

      lol das sum funny shit but i still love her

  3. she might have been eating some food… sooo GTFOH .. ALL up in her grill! ❤

  4. Lol! She was eating!!

  5. really not everyone has perfect teeth and if you think her teeth are fake give your heads a shake.. you cant get plaque build up on fake teeth! Also if they were fake and had plaque build up, don’t you think she would get another set because of the plaque on it? And it takes a long time for you teeth to get yellow stains like that so it could possibly be from when she was way younger!! your all just jealous because she’s gorgeous and is perfect in anyway!! including her plastic surgery because look how HAWT she is!! most girls would die to look like her she is a role model and she is just like any regular person.. she grew up in the hood and had family problems like almost every kid goes through, AND she deserves what she has .. she worked for it, she has been rapping since she was 13 years old and now look where she is.. AT THE TOP!! she is the most amazing female rapper, BY FAR WAAYYYYY BETTER then lil kim!! Everyone has a right to voice there opinion, but seriously be realistic and lodgeical… don’t start flapping your lips when you don’t even know the facts. Nicki Minaj is an amazing singer and is number 2 for the best selling record because Kanye West got number 1 (somehow). People need to just stop judging people that are famous and stop talking shit about famous peoples backgrounds, looks and music… if you don”t like them, then don’t listen to there music changed the radio station or change the song or don’t listen to that type of music!! wow i wrote a lot!! lol
    Peace… and I LOVE NICKI MINAJ!! ❤ f*** all the haters:)

    1. PS…NO BODY IS NICKI MINAJ’s BIGGEST FANS, because everyone loves her and her music… you just a fan just like everyone else and you know all her information!! just remember there is always gonna be someone out there that knows everything about her just like you doo! soo quit being physco and grow up! NO OFFENCE!

      1. You are crazzy!!! #1 psycho Fan

  6. I do not think they are fake

  7. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. Really ? Are you that pressed about her? Like leave her alone! ❤ onika!

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  10. The mouth of a skank – and breath to go. Minaj go scrub that nasty mouth.

  11. Yo she was eating Cheetos.

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