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Amanda Holden Admits She Had First Day Nerves As She Hots This Morning!

Amanda Holden Admits She Had First Day Nerves As She Hots This Morning!

Yesterday Amanda Holden presented her first show of ITV’s This Morning as she has taken over from Holly Willioughby who is currently on maternity leave.

Amanda seemed really happy to be hosting the show along side Phillip Schofield but she admitted that she was suffering with her nerves for most of the weekend but she managed to pull it together and host the show.

Talking at the very start of the show she said:

‘I’ve got massive butterflies – I felt really wretchedly nervous yesterday and now I feel a little bit better.’

 Amanda then admitted that she had three nipple pads on you you couldn’t see anything though her top.

Amanda Holden And Christine Bleakley To Cover For Holly Willoughby On This Morning While She’s On Maternity Leave

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Today Phillip Schofield has announced that Amanda Holden and Christine Bleakley will cover hosting ITV’s This Morning for Holly Willoughby wile she’s on maternity Leave!

Over the last few months so many rumours have been flying around speculating who will get the job and Emma Willis and Christine came out on top.

Speaking on the show today Schofield said:

‘Congratulations to Amanda Holden and Christine Bleakley who will be covering Holly on the show when she’s on maternity.’

Holly then announced that she will return for a few weeks in September if she hasn’t gone into labour before then.

While the show was on air Amanda tweeted:

Am thrilled to say I am stepping Into @hollywills stiletto’s whilst she’s on maternity leave.cant wait !!@Schofe and @itvthismorning

Then after the show Phill tweeted:

Really looking forward to working with lovely  again. She’s standing in for  for some of her maternity leave…

And then gorgeous @clbleakley steps in to play for the rest of it. How lucky am I to work with the best ladies on telly 

We have to say Amanda is not the best choice to pick and the viewers are not happy too.

The show was trending on Twitter just after it was announced and one twitter user said:

Holly and Emma – viewer can relate to them. They empathise. Amanda Holden – created an illusion of superiority and Botox.

Another said:

Amanda Holden covering Holly’s maternity leave on #ThisMorning I couldn’t think of anyone worse.

Lots of people have said that the ratings will fall when Amanda takes over but we will have to see what happens!

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Holly Willoughby Says Her Son Harry Can’t Waite To Be A Big Brother Again!

Holly Willoughby Says Her Son Harry Can’t Waite To Be A Big Brother Again!

Holly Willoughby only announced last Friday that she is expecting her third child.

But now the television presenter has said that her son Harry, is very excited about being a big brother for the second time.

Talking to fellow host Christine Bleakley on Monday Holly said on This Morning:

“It was lovely to tell the children, actually. When Belle came along, Harry was not even two yet, so he didn’t really get it,”

“This time he gets it and he came downstairs, and I was just waking up, and he went, “I just wanted to come down and make sure you and the baby are OK.” It melts your heart! It’s all lovely.”

Holly then admitted that she’s really happy the news is out:

“That first bit when you can’t say anything is horrible because you just want to go, ‘I’m pregnant!’ But now it’s nice that everybody knows and it’s out there.”

Bless him.

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Christine Bleakley Was ‘Nervous’ to Host This Morning With Holly Willoughby!

Christine Bleakley Was ‘Nervous’ to Host This Morning With Holly Willoughby!

For the last couple of days Dancing On Ice presenter Christine Bleakley has been standing in for Phillip Schofield on This Morning because he’s been of doing other things.

But now Christine has said that she was ‘Nervous’s to host the day time show!

Bleakley has been hosting the show with regular host Holly Willoughby and recently she admitted to The Sun:

“Luckily Holly knows what she’s doing so I’m in good hands,”

“I’m telling myself it’ll be like The One Show, just with women who marry dogs,”

“I love This Morning and Holly, so all the parts come together beautifully.”

This has been the first time in 15 years since two female presenters have hosted the show.

Sadly for Christine she didn’t have the best of reviews from the viewers.

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