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Amanda Holden Admits She Had First Day Nerves As She Hots This Morning!

Amanda Holden Admits She Had First Day Nerves As She Hots This Morning!

Yesterday Amanda Holden presented her first show of ITV’s This Morning as she has taken over from Holly Willioughby who is currently on maternity leave.

Amanda seemed really happy to be hosting the show along side Phillip Schofield but she admitted that she was suffering with her nerves for most of the weekend but she managed to pull it together and host the show.

Talking at the very start of the show she said:

‘I’ve got massive butterflies – I felt really wretchedly nervous yesterday and now I feel a little bit better.’

 Amanda then admitted that she had three nipple pads on you you couldn’t see anything though her top.

Amanda Bynes’ Medical Cost Are Thousands Of Dollars A Day!

Amanda Bynes' Medical Cost Are Thousands Of Dollars A Day!


We bet Amanda Bynes freaked out when she was told that she might have to stay in the hospital till the end of the year at these prices!

Sources have found out about the cost of Amanda’s medical and for a day Bynes is paying $3,500 to get herself back on track.

But at then end of the day if it’s going to make her better then it’s worth the money.

Amanda Bynes Could Be In Psychiatric Hospital For The Rest Of The Year!!

Amanda Bynes Accused Of Stealing Weed From Her Drug Dealer!

Amanda Bynes in finally getting the hlm that she needs and now we have learnt that she might be in the hospital till the end of the year.

Bynes was moved to UCLA’s psychiatric unit, where the doctors there are doing everything they can to make her better and to keep an eye on her schizophrenia symptoms.

A source has said:

“There has been some improvement…however, her diagnosis is complex, and the appropriate drug cocktail to treat her hasn’t been achieved yet.”

“Her treatment team believes Amanda would benefit from prolonged treatment at UCLA, for at least the rest of the year. She has her good days and bad days, and the goal is obviously to get her therapeutic and stable before being released. Lynn needs to be granted permanent conservatorship because Amanda wouldn’t agree to continue with treatment.”

By the end of her stay at the hospital Amanda could be absolutely fine when she walk’s out as the source went on in saying:

“Given time and the correct treatment and medicine, Amanda could and should absolutely be able to live with it and be a productive member of society. In fact, she wouldn’t likely suffer from symptoms of it if she stays on her medication.”

Amanda’s mother Lynn Organ was spotted leaving the hospital the other day after visiting her daughter.

Drake Reacts To Amanda Bynes’ Tweets And Says ‘It’s A Little Weird & Disturbing’

Amanda Bynes Loves Drake Because She Thinks He's So 'Ugly'

Since the start of this year Amanda Bynes has been fascinated by Drake and one minuet she’s tweeting that she fancies him and the next she’s calling him ‘ugly’ but now Drake has spoke about the actress for the first time.

Talking about Amanda he said:

“I don’t even know who is doing that or what that’s about… If that is her, I guess it’s a little weird and disturbing.” 

“It’s obviously a behavioral pattern that is way bigger than me… Whoever is behind it, whether it’s her or somebody else, they know people are paying attention so they keep it going.”

Everyone has been waiting to hear Drake’s views about what she has been saying about him so it’s good to now know.

Amanda Bynes Accused Of Stealing Weed From Her Drug Dealer!

Amanda Bynes Accused Of Stealing Weed From Her Drug Dealer!

Amanda Bynes has yet again gone and got herself in more touble.

Amanda loves weed and now allegedly when her drug dealer was to the toilet she went though his pickets and stole loads of weed out of his jacket.

A source has said:

“Amanda’s dealer used her bathroom while he was there and she jacked his weed! He didn’t realize at first because he’s a deliveryweed service, but when he went in his bag he saw his stash was missing. She even replaced it with empty weed jars!”

This is the sort of thing Amanda would do so the source is most likely correct.


Cher Feels Sorry For Amanda Bynes

Cher Feels Sorry For Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes may have called Cher ‘ugly’ and  a “flop” in a Twitter rant but the legendary singer has said that she feels for the troubled starlet.

Talking about Amanda Cher said:

“I feel a lot of compassion for these young kids that are growing up that don’t really understand exactly what’s going on. It’s really rough. That’s why I do a lot of tweeting… I feel kind of like a mother. It’s something that gives them a little insight into things and it doesn’t make them think that all grownups are the enemy. I never understood the thing about not saying you’re sorry because it’s so easy. It doesn’t take any time and it just dissolves all the bad feelings. It just lets it go, and we can’t hold on to that kind of stuff. It makes you sick.”

We can see Cher helping Amanda and like she said she feels like being her mother.

Cher seems really understanding with the way that Bynes is and it seems like she doesn’t care that she called her all them names it really shows what i nice person Cher is.

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