King Kong To Make A Return!

King Kong To Make A Return!

It’s been announced that there will be another King Kong film.

Legendary Pictures announced that the new film will be titled  Skull Island.

Sadly the film will not be released until  November 16, 2016 because they need time to make the film blockbuster.

The first King Kong movie was released in 1933 and they used stop-motion animation. Then in 2005 another was created this time with real people and a lot better effects.

Fans just have to wait over two years now to see the film!

One Direction’s Lima Payne Goes Naked On A Boat

One Direction’s Lima Payne Goes Naked On A Boat

It’s the sight that most One Direction fans have wanted to see for a long time and today their wishes have came true.

A photo has appeared online of Liam Payne naked on a boat and when we say naked we mean completely naked.

The photo that was posted online has been  pixelated to cover his modesty.

Along with the photo that Liam shared himself he said:

“Damn that was my last pair!”

The photo was only shared a couple of hours ago and it’s already received over half a million likes from fans worldwide.

One viewer of the photo commented on the photo and said:

 “The real question is who was lucky enough to take this picture.”

Haha we wonder.

Cheryl Coles Talks About Her Marriage During A Interview On Radio 1

Cheryl Coles Talks About Her Marriage During A Interview On Radio 1

It’s only been just over a week since Cheryl Cole annouced that she had tied the knot with her boyfriend of three months.

Well now Cheryl who’s name now is Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has been speaking about the marriage during a interview on Radio 1 to DJ Greg James.

Talking about the wedding Cheryl said:

‘I would’ve actually kept it that way but unfortunately it was leaked.’ 

Cheryl did well to keep it hush hush for the week and a half before she announced the news.

The Kardashian Sisters AND Kris Jenner Go Naked In A Swimmingpool!

The Kardashian Sisters AND Kris Jenner Go Naked In A Swimmingpool!

Talk about nakedness.

The matriarch of the Kardashian clan, Kris Jenner has shared a photo of herself and the three Kardashian sisters, Kim,Kourtney and Khloe naked in a swimmingpool.

Kris uploaded the photo on her Instagram page but looking at it closely it really does look like the photo has been photoshopped.

It looks so edited as you can see but who knows?

Along with the photo Kris said:

“I miss you guys so much @kourtneykardashian @kimkardashian @khloekardashian !!! #pleasecomehome #love.”

What do you think edited or not??

Piers Morgan Is Controversial As Ever As He Blames Peaches Geldof’s Death On Her Mother Paula Yates

piers morgan and peaches geldof

Piers Morgan really needs to hush his lips.

As you may know this week we found out that Peaches Geldof passed away from a heroin overdose.

Well now Piers has blamed Peaches late mother Paula Yates who also passed away from a heroin overdose.

Taking to Twitter as soon as the news broke about the cause of death he tweeted:

So much viciousness towards Peaches. If you want someone to ‘blame’ then start with her mother.

Since he tweeted that tweet he has received lots of backlash from fellow Twitter users as one tweeted him back and said:

@piersmorgan Do you (used generally) blame addicts?

Piers replied:

Paula wasn’t an addict, Peaches was > RT @brianmoore666@piersmorgan Do you (used generally) blame addicts?

You can always count on Piers to be controversial.

This is the resin we don’t follow him on Twitter!

Tulisa Contostavlos Found Guilty Of Attacking Celebrity Blogger Vas Morgan

Tulisa  Contostavlos Found Guilty Of Attacking Celebrity Blogger Vas Morgan

Former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has been found guilty after she attacked a man at V Festival last year.

Tulisa was in court today just one week after she was found not guilty of drug dealing.

Last year Tulisa was at the festival when she attacked Celebrity Blogger Vas Morgan and now has been forced to pay £3,020, including £2,700 of legal costs, a £200 fine and £100 compensation.

As it was said previously in the trial Vas’ eye swelled up after the attack!

Talking in court Vas said:

“I am quite sure to the requisite standard of proof, based on my analysis of the evidence that I have heard, that Ms Contostavlos did strike Mr Morgan in the face during an argument and that that blow caused minor bruising and swelling.”

The former N-Dubz star then spoke outside of the court and said:

“This has been a rollercoaster week for me. I never wanted any of this.

“I did not assault Vas J Morgan and I am outraged at this decision. I will be appealing it.”

Ohh dear!!


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