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Kim Kardashian Meets A Extremely Excited Australian Fan At Autograph Signing

Kim Kardashian Meets A Extremely Excited Australian Fan At Autograph Signing

Kim Kardashian has recieved a shock when she meet a very excited fan during a signing in  at Westfield Parramatta over the weekend. 

Kim was meeting hundreds of fans at a Kardashian Kollection signing in the shopping centre and the boy started going crazy as he walked up to the table where Kimmy was singing the autographs.

The boy started slapping himself in the face as he meet Kim and he just couldn’t control himself with excitement.

Kim must be use to this sort of behaviour because she meets a lot of fans daily.

Kim Kardashian Made 28 MILLION DOLLARS Last Year!!

Kim Kardashian Made 28 MILLION DOLLARS Last Year!!

According to Forbes Celebrity 100 Kim Kardashian sits at number 80 because of the amount of money she made last year.

The reality start made a whopping 28 million dollars last year and if you are thinking that she made all that money from her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians then your wrong.

Kim made most of her money last year from public appearances, the sisters clothing line, and of corse all the makeup ranges.

But that’s not it because Kimmy was paid a lot to tweet about products on her Twitter page.

Also Kanye West landed himself on the 20 spot on the list.

They have so much money it’s unbelievable.

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Swollen Feet!

kim kardashian swollen feel tattoo lukewilliamsgossip

 Kim Kardashian loves her shoes and yes she may be pregnant but that is not going to stop her from wearing high heels!

It’s clear that Kim want’s to show off her  caged Givenchy heels at the Kardashian Kollection event at Sears on Saturday, but it look’s like it was a little painful for the reality star.

The soon to be mummy posted the photo above with the caption:

“Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?”

Kim Kardashian Sell Clothes For Fans To Buy On Ebay!

Kim Kardashian Sell Cloths For Fans To Buy On Ebay!

Kim Kardashian is well known for her fashion but now you can buy some of her fashion that shes actually worn.

The clothes are currently selling on Kim’s Ebay page with all proceeds going to charity.

If Kim’s dresses are not your cup of tea Kourtney Kardashian is also selling a few bits too.

The eBay auction went live on Thursday and will continue until September 9th.

Have a look at some more items selling below.

[Image via eBay.]

Kim Kardashian Goes Orange After Fake Tan Goes Wrong

Kim Kardashian Goes Orange After Fake Tan Goes Wrong


Kim Kardashian is well known for loving a good old spray tan but this time its too out of hand!
As the reality star is orange and she matched her dress that she wore to promoted The Kardashian Kollection at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois this evening.

Just befour she left she posted the top photo on her Twitter account!

The tan is a little over the top girl come on!

But we have to say we like it if shes from Essex she would really fit in haha!

The Kardashians Are Taking There Jewelry Kollection Very Seriously

The Kardashians have released new promos shots of themselves modeling their new jewelry kollection for Sears.

They look amazing and beautiful like normal.

Would you buy there items let us know.

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