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Kris Jenner To Release Her Own Cookbook!

Kris Jenner To Release Her Own Cookbook!
Kris Jenner and her family have so many items out in the shops from perfumes,clothes and platy more as you may know.

Well now it’s been announced that Kris will release her own cookbook!!

The book will be called In the Kitchen with Kris and will hit the shops this October.

Not only will it feature fantastic recipes it will also have the Kardashian’s favour food to make.

Talking about the book Kris said:

“I make a really mean grilled cheese sandwich so Mason and Penelope love my grilled cheese sandwiches.”

The Kris started talking about being non the kitchen makes her feel relaxed:

“Some people do things to relax, they’ll go play golf or have a sport. Me? I’m in the kitchen. Nothing makes me happier, so I hope I can share that with everybody else.”

At the moment the book is not looking popular because an online poll asked people if they will be buying the book and only 15% said yes and a whopping 85% say no!

Kim Kardashian Made 28 MILLION DOLLARS Last Year!!

Kim Kardashian Made 28 MILLION DOLLARS Last Year!!

According to Forbes Celebrity 100 Kim Kardashian sits at number 80 because of the amount of money she made last year.

The reality start made a whopping 28 million dollars last year and if you are thinking that she made all that money from her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians then your wrong.

Kim made most of her money last year from public appearances, the sisters clothing line, and of corse all the makeup ranges.

But that’s not it because Kimmy was paid a lot to tweet about products on her Twitter page.

Also Kanye West landed himself on the 20 spot on the list.

They have so much money it’s unbelievable.

Chris Brown To Get His Own Reality Show?

Chris Brown To Get His Own Reality Show?

Over the years Chris Brown has been in so much legal drama it’s unbelievable but now we may be able to watch it all on TV.

Chris has been in talks with several production companies who have said that it will be a very interesting program.

It was on Tuesday of last week that the talk of a reality show was brought up and the production team said it would be good to see Chris clear up his act!

If Chris does get his own show he will follow in the footsteps of Lindsay Lohan.

We don’t think this would be the best best of ideas but who knows it could be a massive hit.

Ariana Grande’s Older Brother To Enter The Big Brother House!

Ariana Grande's Older Brother To Enter The Big Brother House!

It seems like Ariana Grande is not the only one from her family to be only TV. Her brother Frankie Grande has been repotted to be entering the Big Brother US house. Frankie has become a Youtube celebrity over the years and will enter the house along with 15 other contestants and will be watched for the time he is in the house by tons of camera around the house. Talking about going into the BB house Grande admitted:

“I don’t want people knowing I have an online following because it will put an unnecessary target on my back. If there is an America’s Vote or America’s Player, they might assume that I will win it. I’m going to drop Grande and just use my father’s last name, Marchione. If I get recognized, I’m going to have to win Head of Household and do damage control. If I don’t, I plan on flying under the radar the first few weeks.”

According to Frankie, Ariana’s voice could be heard on the show:

“I got to call Ariana on camera and tell her what I was doing and she just said, ‘I know how much you love the show. Go make them fall in love with you … but don’t show them all of you because a lot of people will hate you for that, ‘ We both get so much hate online but it is usually about ourselves. I’m hoping there is more love than hate on me while I’m on the show because Ariana was like, ‘I’m going to kill myself if I have to read hate about you too.'”

We just hope he’s going to be good in their because if the US version is anything like the UK version then he will be noted out first lol.

Is Keeping Up With The Kardashians About to End? Very Low Ratings At The Moment

Is Keeping Up With The Kardashians About to End? Very Low Ratings At The Moment

Every series there are reports about Keeping Up With The Kardashians and how the ratings keep on failing.

But now it seems they are really low and Kim KardashianKhloé Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian could be looking for a new job.

Showbiz expert blogger Nikki Finke said the following:

“The show’s Season 9B premiere was down -29% in P18-49 vs Season 8, and down -17% vs S9A premiere, and down -10% vs S9A finale. Let’s not forget that Seasons S8 and S9A were down from S7, etc. The Kardashians are krashing.”

 Nick then went on to say that the ratings for the show are still the highest ratings show on the channel E!:

“So what does this mean for E!? The Kardashians are still its highest rated and highest profile series, even though down from their heyday in 2011. But with the next contract, their show won’t even be profitable given the price per episode.”

We wonder if the show will be axed?

The trouble is the family singed up to keep the program running until series 10 and then see how things are going.

Now on series 9 the show doesn’t have long to go.

Mel B Confirmed As X Factor Judge!

Mel B Confirmed As X Factor Judge!

Former Spice Girl Mel B has been confirmed to be on the judging panel on this years X Factor!

It’s been rums for weeks about who the new fourth and final judge on the X Factor will stars such as Rita OraKaty PerrySarah CoxAlesha Dixon and many many more have been in the line up but now it seems that Simon Cowell only wanted Mel.

Mel has also reportedly singed a £1 million pound contact to be on the show and will join Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh for the latest series of the show set to air in August.

Mel B was a guest judge on the show back in 2012 and now she has admitted that she is really looking forward to getting back on the show.

She admitted:

‘I’m so excited to be joining The X Factor – I loved being a guest judge back in 2012. I’ve always thought honesty is the best policy when being a judge and that’s what I’m going to bring more of this year – whether it’s spotting an incredible singer, giving someone a reality check or debating with Simon over who’s got it wrong!

‘Now I can’t wait to get started and find some amazing talent.’

Simon has now spoke about Mel joining the show and said:

‘I am thrilled that Mel B has agreed to be a judge on The X Factor this year. I thought she was fantastic as a guest judge a couple of years ago. She is feisty, opinionated and, I believe, will be a great mentor.’

At the moment Mel is working on The Voice in Australia but she is set to fly back to to Heathrow at 5.30am on Monday to attend the Manchester auditions.

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