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Justin Bieber To Attend Selena Gomez’s Secret Birthday Party!

Justin Bieber To Attend Selena Gomez’s Secret Birthday Party!

Selena Gomez is about to turn 22 and she is having a surprise party.

Now the word on the street is that Gomez’s on/off boyfriend Justin Bieber is going to attend the event.

According to sources only close friends are invited and will be held at her private estate on July 22nd but it seems there is a problem.

The pairs friends have found a problem with the event as a source has said:

“No one wants [the Biebs] to go. All her friends want him out of the picture and just want her to have relaxing birthday with no trouble and they think he’s going to dominate her attention…She doesn’t seem to care that he spends time with other women and isn’t always honest with her. She’s hypnotized. Her friends just want her to enjoy herself for her birthday, but if Justin attends it might complicate matters.”

Humm it seems they don’t have the best of relationships at the moment.

Kim Kardashian Shares First Photo Of North West At ‘Kidchella!’

Kim Kardashian Shares First Photo Of North West At 'Kidchella!'
Yesterday we told you that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West set up a massive party for their daughter North West’s birthday.
In the photos that the family shared North wasn’t any where to be seen until now.

Kimm has shared a cute photo of North looking very busy at her first birthday party as she blew her candles out.

Along with the photo Kimmy said:

“Our baby girl’s 1st birthday party! #kidchella”

‘Kidchella’ being the name that they called the party.

So sweet.

She looks like she’ was having a good time.

Mario Falcone Gets Suspended From The Only Way Is Essex Because Of ‘Cocaine Abuse’

Mario Falcone Gets Suspended From The Only Way Is Essex Because Of ‘Cocaine Abuse'

Over his time on the show Mario Falcone has made the most headlines because of his relationship with Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Well now it seems life on The Only Way Is Essex has come to an end for Mario because has has now been suspended because of ‘Cocaine Abuse’.

Footage has been posed of what looks like Mario snorting cocaine during a night out with his friends.

The TOWIE lot are currently in Spain filming scenes for the upcoming twelfth series of the show and Mario is currently in Ibiza and was told to stay away from the cast while ITV investergate.

The video was published on a UK newspaper’s website and apparently it was filmed two weeks ago without Mario knowing.

That’s the trouble when you are in the public eye nothing is private.

It’s still not been said how long he will be off the show but it could be for sometime.


Michelle Keegan Bans Max George From Her VIP Party!

Michelle Keegan Bans Max George From Her VIP Party!

Max George has been left very red faced at the moment.

Michelle Keegan recently was having a VIP party in a nightclub in Marbella, Spain when Max turned up and Michelle decided to stop his access to her party.

One of Keegan’s friend told her that a staff member approached one of her friends and explained that max had been asking if he could go and sit on the same table with Michelle and Mark Wright and she told them to tell him that the table was full LOL.

Taking to Twitter Max tweeted:


He then said again:

“‘Don’t let him in’… Soaps don’t have that power kids. Embarrassing. Is that fame? S***. Better chase that one.”

The later on in the night Max realised that he should tweet about everything because he tweeted again:

Shouldn’t vent things on twitter. Apologies. X

A friend has reported to The Sun:

 “It was a polite conversation which must have got lost in translation. She certainly didn’t prevent him coming into the club as his tweets would suggest and she didn’t see him inside.

“She has been left bemused by the whole drama and the fact Max has deleted his tweets suggests he appreciates he is in the wrong.”

“He has been in that club every night and had his own table, so why would he want to join theirs?” But a close pal of Michelle’s claimed the incident happened after a misunderstanding.

The friend carried on in saying:

“A PR from the club came over and said Max had asked if he could join Michelle and Mark at their table, as he had spent the previous evening with Mark’s younger brother Josh.

“They thought it was an odd request and told the PR that it probably wasn’t the best idea, especially as it was just a small group of friends. It seems that the actual message which went back to Max was that they had tried to ban him from getting into the club.

“That’s not the case at all. Michelle would never make a demand like that.”

At the end of the day we agree with Michelle why would she want her ex at the table.

We would have loved to have seen the atmosphere between Mark and Max if he would have been allowed to attend the party LOL.

Lindsay Lohan’s Friends Are Worried About Her Partying At Cannes!

Lindsay Lohan’s Friends Are Worried About Her Partying At Cannes!

It’s really looking worrying for Lindsay Lohan.

If you remember back to last year Lindsay was publicly in rehab for many many weeks to try and get over her, partying, drug habits and drinking and it seemed to work but now her friends are becoming really worked about her.

Lindsay was in Cannes Wednesday and she was spotted partying really hard in the VIP Room nightclub.

A close insider to Lohan has said:

“Lindsay is f**ked up and is out of her f**king head. Lindsay is doing the exact opposite of what she should be doing.”

But that’s not all the bad news because she has also been spotted partying with her former pal Gavin Doyle, who is not the best of influences to Lindsay.

Another insider has said:

“Lindsay was also with Gavin four years ago. And now he’s with her again. Everyone is worried that she’s back partying in Cannes and seeing the pictures of her in the club makes them think that she’s surrounding herself with her old friends and that her partying is out of control. He is enabling her and making a mess of everything.”

She really needs to watch herself because she hated being in rehab and by the looks of things she might be going back soon.

Lindsay Lohan Got Denies At Coachella Last Week!

Lindsay Lohan Got Denies At Coachella Last Week!

Last week Lindsay Lohan was trying to attend Coachella when she was denied entry on the doors.

The trouble starlet was turned away as she tried to entered one of the party’s there too.

A eyewitness has told sources:

“Lindsay tried to get into the Soho House bash at Coachella. But she got denied entry at the door. They didn’t want someone with her image inside their party! She was turned away from The Neon Carnival [too].”

This is a good thing that they denied her entry because she may have been tempted to drink.

Good on them we say.



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