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Aaron Carter To Go On Tour!

Aaron Carter To Go On Tour!

He’s been out of the music industry for since the 90’s now but it seems Aaron Carter is coming back.

The singer has announced that he’s going on tour and it will be called Aaron Carter’s Wonderful World Tour and will start at the end of September.

Aaron will perform some of his biggest hits including I Want Candy and Aaron’s Party!

What do you think do you want to relive the 90’s with Aaron.

Tom Daley & Family To Spent Christmas With Dustin Lance Black!

Tom Daley & Family To Spent Christmas With Dustin Lance Black!

It’s been said that Tom Daley will spend Christmas with his family and with his boyfriend Dustin Lance Black!

According to insiders Tom will also spend Chrismas with his mother Debbie and brothers William and Ben!

The insider has said:

“This is a big step for Tom. He’d promised his family he’d spend Christmas with them and has loads of plans with his pals so now he’ll get to have Dustin with him.”

We don’t know if Tom and his family will go to Dustin’s house or the other way around by anyways it’s nice to know they will all be together at Christmas.

Zayn Malik Poses In A New Selfie With His New Pet Lizard

Zayn Malik Poses In A New Selfie With His New Pet Lizard

One Direction’s Zayn Malik hasn’t taken a selfie in a while but now he’s retired the wold of selfies to take a photo with the newest member of the Malik family.

The singer posed for a photo with his new pet lizard, Arnie!

Zayn and his lady Perry Edwards are really big animal lovers and they already have two dogs and a cat called HatchiHarley, and Prada so adding another animals to the mix won’t matter.

Along with the photo above Zayn, confirmed the name of the lizard as he wrote:

“Chillin with arnie!! :)”

We can just see him posting regular selfish with his new scaly friend in the future.

Justin Bieber Goes To See The Polar Bears At The Zoo

Justin Bieber Goes To See The Polar Bears At The Zoo

Justin Bieber loves animals as has has had so many of them but now he stopped off at a zoo and had a snap with a polar bear!

The teen singer looks amazed as a the big white giant swam over his head.

Along with the photo he said:

“Dream big”

The next thing we will be hearing is that he has a polar bear as a pet lol.


Taylor Swift Auditioned For Les Misérables

Taylor Swift Is Buying A House In London

It’s been reported that Taylor Swift  auditioned for the part in Les Misérables but she dint have what it takes to start in the film.

Producer Cameron Mackintosh explains:

“She’s a lovely woman and she auditioned, and she was completely un-starry. And she’s talented. It’s just that actually the requirements of that role were better fitted by Sam.. Nearly every name you’ve heard in the gossip columns are true, came up for Eponine, and it’s wonderful I think that somebody completely unknown got it.”

Will.i.am Gives The Money He Got Paid To Be A Judge On The Voice To Charity!

Will.i.am crying on the voice uk

Will.i.am is a judge on the U.K. version of The Voice, and was paid pretty handsomely to do so.

He has decided to give his entire fee to charity! 500,000 Euros are going to disadvantaged young people in London through The Prince’s Trust.

Here’s what he said:

“I don’t need any more luxury items. And equipping our young people with education and inspiration is real homeland security.

“I grew up seeing kids selling drugs at 11 and getting pistols and things they shouldn’t be doing. My life could have turned out very differently. But I was encouraged to dance, sing by my mum and teachers… that changed my life.”

Thats so nice of him we love it when celebs donate to charity!

Its so kind.

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