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Ricci Guarnaccio Opens Up About His Ex Vicky Pattison And Says ‘She Need’s Professional Help’ Just As They Clash On Ex On The Beach

Ricci Guarnaccio Opens Up About His Ex Vicky Pattison And Says 'She Need’s Professional Help’ Just As They Clash On Ex On The Beach

They where the love birds of Geordie Shore but it all fell apart last year.

Now Ricci Guarnaccio has opened up about his relationship with Vicky Pattison and admitted that ‘She Need’s Professional Help’ just as Ricci storms in on new reality show Ex On The Beach.

The pair are both staring on the new reality show trying to find another partner but it seems like it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

When Beamly asked Ricci if Vicky needs help he replied:

‘I would say yes, in the nicest possible way.’

‘I genuinely don’t understand how someone can have so much anger. She’d call people every name under the sun, and I don’t think that’s normal.


‘I took a lot on the chin when I arrived. I don’t know whether either she messed up or not, but in episode two or three, she was saying ‘I’ve still got my two exes to arrive’, so she knew Dan [Vicky’s ex from Australia]  and I were going in.’

He continued:

‘There was all this fakeness. You’ve got to remember she went to drama school. Most people don’t know this about her. She is a fake person.’

‘When I first started going out with her, the honeymoon period was great. But when that’s over it’s hell.’

The trouble is they both had their faults and Ricci wasn’t the best boyfriend because he was very controlling and was making Vicky’s life ‘hell’ her words not ours.

The TV Add For Vicky Pattison’s 7 Day Slim fitness DVD Gets BANNED For ‘Misleading Claims’

The TV Add For Vicky Pattison's 7 Day Slim fitness DVD Gets BANNED For 'Misleading Claims'

You would have to be compleatly not with it to have not know about Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison’s weight loss and her fitness DVD because it’s been advertised ever wear.

But now the TV add for the dvd has been banned for ‘misleading claims’ after it fails make you lose three stone in just one week.

On the video a voice over says:

‘Here’s Vicky from Geordie Shore before she found 7 Day Slim…..now look at her!”, with Vicky then saying: “I’ve lost three stone with this DVD.’

Then on screen it says:

‘Weight lost over six months. Works as part of a calorie controlled diet’.

When it says you can lose three stone in just a week nothing about calorie control diet and Vicky lost it over three months.

Bosses at the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have said the following on there choice to ban the add:

‘We considered that the product name 7 Day Slim implied that results, including results similar to those experienced by Vicky Pattison, would be achieved in seven days.

‘We noted the presence of on-screen text stating “Weight lost over six months. Works as part of a calorie controlled diet”, including at the point that Vicky Pattison referred to her own weight loss.

‘We considered that those factors were likely to be distracting to viewers and impede their ability to read the text, and that the text was not shown on-screen in such a way as to ensure it was clear and legible.

‘We were also concerned, however, that the reference to weight having been lost over six months was likely to contradict rather than clarify the claim 7 Day Slim and therefore that the claim could not suitably be qualified in that way.’

The add will no longer be shown on TV!

Vicky Pattison Pleads Guilty To Assault Over Shoe Attack!

Vicky Pattison Pleads Guilty To Assault Over Shoe Attack!

Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison has pleaded guilty to assault after she threw a shoe at a 18-year-old woman in a nightclub last summer.

Hannah Kelso was partying at the Florita’s Bar in Newcastle when she decided to throw ice at Vicky and some of her friends and then to get her own back Vicky, threw her shoe at her.

Vicky hit the girl and a member of the security team and Hannah had to have four stitches to the head and her lip was cut open.

Vicky has been lucky as she will not face a jail term when she is sentenced next month.

Judge Brian Forster QC has said,

“I have looked at the summary of this case, I take into account your character and can indicate the court will not consider any form of custodial sentence.”

Because of this Vicky has been suspended form the show that made her famous Geordie Shore since July last year and will NOT return.


Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison Dating TOWIE Charlie Simms?

Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison Dating TOWIE Charlie Simms?

It seems like Charlie Simms has not worries about getting over his girlfriend of 3 years, Ferne McCann as he has moved onto Geordie Shore‘s Vicky Pattinson.

If you’re a viewer to The Only Way Is Essex you will know that Charlie and Ferne had their ups and downs during the last series and then their relationship came to an end at the start of the summer when Charlie was spotted kissing another woman on holiday with his friends.

Ferne then forgave Simms but then he was spotted in the UK with the same girl who he was photographed kissing so now it’s all over for them.

But now reports are saying that Charlie is dating Geordie girl Vicky but neither Charlie or Vicky have confirmed the rumours.

As you may know Vicky has just came out of a relationship too as she was engaged to Geordie Shore co star Ricci and then in the latest series of the reality show Vicky started going on dates with fitness instructor Dan.

Geordie Shore Star Vicky Pattison Has Her Eyes On The Wanted’s Max George!

Geordie Shore Star Vicky Pattison Has Her Eyes On The Wanted's Max George!

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattinson has admitted that she has a crush on The Wanted‘s Max George!

Talking about Max, Vicky said:

“I have a big crush on Max, I think he’s canny nice”

It really seems like Vicky just wants to get her hands on Max as she then went on in saying:

 “We went to radio 1 the other day and the wanted were there. I ended up wandering the corridoors trying to find him.”

“In the end I had to get escorted back by security, which was mortifying. But if he’s reading this he knows where I am!”

We don’t think she will have a chance with Max anytime soon as he is currently dating The Only Way Is Essex star Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattinson and Holly Hagan Arrested On Suspicion Of Assault After They Hit Teen With Shoe!

Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattinson and Holly Hagan Arrested On Suspicion Of Assault After They Hit Teen With Shoe!

Stars of Geordie Shore Holly Hagan and Vicky Pattinson have been arrested on suspicion of assault after they hit a teen model Hannah Kelso with a shoe after allegedly getting involved in a confrontation.

The pair where both questioned by police Wednesday morning and both reality stars have since been bailed pending further enquiries and have been suspended from the show.

A source has said:

‘Gaz and James from the show were at one table and a group of girls at the table next to them.

‘Vicky got involved in an altercation with the girls at the table and suddenly all hell broke loose.

‘What looked like a stiletto shoe went flying through the air and then all the bouncers came in – everyone was trying to calm Vicky down.’

The scrap took place at the Florita’s Bar, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne as they where filming the reality show but now it looks like holly and Vicky wont be making a appearance in the show until future notice.

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