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Rihanna Turnes Into A Pundit As She Tweets Her Way Thought The England vs Uruguay Game

Rihanna Shows Off Her New Pink Hair Do!

Rihanna is most things but adding Pundit to her long lit of names is something we thought we would never see.

Yesterday during the England vs Uruguay game Riri decided to tweet her way though the game and share her thoughts with her millions of followers.

In a series of tweets the singer tweeted:

‘ENGLAND whatchu gon do??!

‘Man they know better than to give Suarez that much room bruh! (sic)’

‘Uruguay defense is almost disrespectful!!! 2 good’.

The Rihanna started praising the work of goalkeeper Fernando Muslera:

‘be on his s**t tho!’

Along with a photo of a Ghanaian player she said:

‘Da ba doe! I might have to be team Ghana on this one,’ 

In few more tweets she said:

‘Fernando Muslera be on his s**t tho!’


We could just see Rihanna on Match Of The Day next lol.

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