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Lady Gaga Shares Racy Instagram Snaps

Lady Gaga Shares Racy Instagram Snaps

Lady Gaga has taken some time out of her Artpop tour to find sometime to pose in her black lace corset.

Posing very seductive the singer took to her Instagram account to share the photos to her millions of followers.

In the photo Gaga admitted that she was hot and that’s the reason behind her stripping down.

Along with the photo Gaga said:

‘It’s so hot in here cue the Puccini,’

In another photo it showed the Born This Way hit maker holding a while holding a white-feathered fan open in front of her.

She sure does know how to treat her fans doesn’t she?

David Beckham Is Scared Of Frogs

David Beckham Is Scared Of Frogs
When you think of David Beckham you would that that he’s not scared of getting up in the night and catching a spider in a jar but this couldn’t be less true.

During a new BBC nature doc, David Beckham Into the Unknown, that aired last night it proved that David is one big scaredy cat.

David has said that he is scared of frogs.

Talking on the doc he said:

“The frog I was scared of. I’m not a big frog fan. I can’t lie. It was orange. We were told it was dangerous. I was a little bit nervous about that.”


We have to say we wouldn’t like to come in close proximity with a orate frog.

Justin Bieber Beggs Calvin Klein To Let Him Model Their Underwear!


Justin Bieber loves to pose with his top off for Instagram snaps.

But now Bieber has hinted on the photo sharing site that he would like to model for Calvin Klein!

The singer shared the photo above with the caption of:

What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign ♛ ? Comment below yes or no”

We have no clue if he will model for Calvin Klein in the future but is he having words about making his dream a reality??

What do you think could he be a underwear model??


Madonna Shares Racy Snap

Madonna Shares Racy Snap

Madonna is no stranger to shocking people and has done it for years.

But now she has taken it to the next levee by posing a very racy photo of her in her underwear and fish net tights.

The singer shared the photon Thursday along with the caption of:

‘Looking for Love in all the wrong places! Fear makes you focus… #rebelheart’

She really needs to act her ago and not her shoe size.

Mario Lopez Splits His Trousers!

Mario Lopez Splits His Trousers!

Mario Lopez did too much partying at his recent birthday bash as he he split the bottom of his trousers.

Along with the photo above he said:

“Uh oh… Ripped my suit getting into the car. It’s @RatedMOfficial kinda night… #PantsTooTight #Undies”

Mario has been partying in Vegas and as you can see it looks like he had a really good time.

Liam Payne Get’s His Boxers Back After Fan Stole Them From His balcony!

Liam Payne Get's His Boxers Back After Fan Stole Them From His balcony!

Earlier today we told you about a crazy One Direction fan who stole Liam Payne‘s boxers from his balcony in Australia.

Well now we have learnt that the boxers are now back with Liam after hotel security tracked down the girl who stole them and snatched them off her to give them back.

The girl who had the boxers posted a photo on Twitter as you can see above and then she said about the incident:

“I feel terrible, I am so upset. My mum doesn’t know. I never meant to do anything bad, I’m so sorry.”


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