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Scott Disick Hospitalised With Alcohol Poisoning!

Scott Disick Hospitalised With Alcohol Poisoning!

According to sources Scott Disick has been hospitalised with alcohol poisoning from accesive drinking.

TMZ broke the news this morning about the reality star as he was rushed to the Southampton hospital in the US after a heavy night of partying on 22 June.

It’s now been said that Scott feels his drink was spiked but looking at the photos from the night it’s clear that Scott was downing the drinks.

Sources have been reporting that Scott and friends where ‘binge drinking.’ 

The source says:

‘Scott told the friends who were with him he was so messed up he felt someone had drugged him.’

Over the years Scott has had trouble with drinking because do you remember back to that Keeping Up With The Kardashian episode when he smashed up the mirror because of drinking.

Rapper Soulja Boy Says Justin Bieber Isn’t Racist!

Rapper Soulja Boy Says Justin Bieber Isn’t Racist!

Justin Bieber’s friends are coming to defend him once again.

Rapper Soulja Boy has come to Justin’s defence and said that he’s not a racist.

This news comes just days after a video was posted online of Justin using the n-word repeatedly over and over just after he said asked ‘why are black people scared of chain saws’.

We doubt this will be the last time his friends have to defend him.

Justin Bieber In Alleged Fight With Fan!

Justin Bieber In Alleged Fight With Fan!

Over the last few Justin Bieber has been trying his hardiest to clean up his image but now it looks like it may be going down hill.

New reports have said that Mr Bieber has gotten into a scuffle with one of his own fans!

Justin was at a nightclub in Cannes with his bodyguard when a young woman jumped   over the wall to the area where Justin was sitting.

Witnesses have told sources that Bieber tried to get the girl away from him and she fell back on the sofa that he was sitting on.

The report goes on in saying that the pair had a little scuffle and shoved each other around a bit before Bieber’s bodyguard pulled the girl away.

He then calmed down and enjoyed the rest of his evening.

He really needs to think before he acts!

Solange Pictured With Jay Z For The First Time Since The Fight In The Lift

Solange Pictured With Jay Z For The First Time Since The Fight In The Lift

Last week Solange and Jay Z sent the world crazy over the footage of Solange beating 10 bells out of Jay Z.

Solange, Jay Z and Beyonce all released a joint statement last week saying that they are not talking and have put the row behind them.

Well now Beyonce has shared photos of Solange and Jay Z together looking very happy.

Looking very happy the husband and wife, Solange posed with their mother Tina and they all had smiles on their faces!

Beyonce shared a few more snaps from a day out and as they enjoyed a meal at a  restaurant called Cafe Amelie in New Orleans.

Have a look at her photos below.


Justin Bieber Poses With A Sleeping Man Without Him Knowing And Shares The Photo Online

Justin Bieber Poses With A Sleeping Man Without Him Knowing And Shares The Photo Online

King of trouble Justin Bieber has put his troubles behind him as he jokingly posed for a photo with a man that was sleeping in a chair without him knowing.

Along with the photo the trouble maker said:

‘Bae caught me sleeping,’

This poor man lol.

Little does he know that when he wakes up he’s going to be splashed over the internet.


Keith Lemon Re-Creates Jay Z And Solange Fight On Celebrity Juice

Keith Lemon is one big joker.

Now he has decided to act out the fight between Solange and Jay Z that the news broke about this week.

The Celebrity Juice host dressed up in a orange wig and was wearing a brunette wig.

Along with the photo Keith said:

‘Poor Jay Z.’

Poor Jay Z indeed.

He then tweeted:

‘See the whole battle on Celebrity Juice tomorrow at 10PM.’

This is going to be very funny.

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