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Meet The British Woman Who Admits She Was Repeatedly Abducted By Aliens

Meet The British Woman Who Admits She Was Repeatedly Abducted By Aliens

ITV’s This Morning is no stranger to having people who claim they have meet aliens on their show but today it was no different story.

British woman called Samantha McDonald appeared on the show and admitted that she was repeatedly adducted by aliens and they even abused her and she has photo proof that was shown on the morning show.

Talking to show hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby Samantha admitted alongside alien agony aunt Joanne Summerscales:

‘I’ve asked them what they want with me and they have said they had come to take me and my family. What they were after was my energy and soul essence.

‘I don’t know why they keep coming back to me. I think it is to do with my energies as I’m into healing and meditation.’

When she was asked where is she taken when she’s adducted her she said:

‘You don’t always remember the abductions because you have memory swipes. You just feel like you have been somewhere but you don’t actually remember it.’

Phillip then asked if she’s sure it’s not all a dream McDonald admitted:

No definitely not. I’ve woken up with marks all over my body and been possessed – sometimes to the point of mind control – where thoughts come into your head that are not your own. I can’t explain it any other way.’

The best thing about this interview today was Phill and Holly’s faces when Samantha was telling them all about her adduction.



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ITV Want Emma Willis For Prominent Role On This Morning!

ITV Want Emma Willis For Prominent Role On This Morning!

She hots in the This Morning hub twice a week but now ITV have said that they would like Emma Willis to host the hub permanently.

The trouble is Emma is very busy and hots other shows like The Voice and Big Brother and when she’s hosting these shows she’s not on This Morning but ITV just want her for their shows now.

ITV sources have reported:

“Emma is hugely ­talented and has so much potential to be one of the channel’s most high profile ­faces.

“They have a reputation for having great women and Emma would add to those already there and strengthen their position in the TV industry.”

Emma is a good presenter but she is the best presenter for Big Brother so hopefully she will fine a way of hosting both!

Joey Essex Confirms The Name Of His New Show And Announces Phillip Schofield Will Narrate It!

Joey Essex Confirms The Name Of His New Show And Announces Phillip Schofield Will Narrate It!

He was filming the series when he got bitten by a monkey in January but now Joey Essex has announced the name of his new reality show.

The show will be called Educating Joey Essex and he has also confirmed that This Morning host Phillip Schofield will narrate it!

The fly-on-the-wall documentary series will air for a period of 13 days and will show what Joey got unto in different countires.

He tweeted on Twitter:

‘Buzzin @schofe has just done the VoiceOver for my new show #educatingjoeyessex and he loved it Coming soon on @itv2.’

The series will show Joey going to Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary, where he achieves a life long dream of holding a Monkey.

He will also take part in lots of other activities over the corse of the series!

Sam Faiers Speaks Out On This Morning About Being Diagnosed With Crohn’s Disease

Sam Faiers Speaks Out On This Morning About Being Diagnosed With Crohn's Disease

She’s been really ill for the last few weeks but last week Sam Faiers got the diagnosis that she has Crohn’s disease.

Today on ITV’s This Morning sam opened up about her diagnosis and her current health status.

The reality star told  Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that she was really excited about going into the Celebrity Big Brother house but her illness made it the worse time of her life.

She admitted:

‘I can’t explain how gutted I was,’ she said. ‘I had been really looking forward to it.’

‘When I got in there I was fine, not stressed or nervous or anything, as it was reality television and that’s what I do,’ she said. ‘It felt like a whole new door opening.’

Talking about how she felt she said:

‘It was awful to have it in the Big Brother house,’ she said. ‘For nearly a month I couldn’t hold any food or drink down.’

‘I was in the shower and noticed that the weight was just falling off me,’ she recalls. ‘It also affected my skin. It sounds really gross but I had huge boils which burst in front of Louisa. I couldn’t believe it was happening on Big Brother!’

Sam then admitted that her mum knew just by watching Big Brother that she want well:

‘She knew something was wrong,’

‘I was just too quiet. I just couldn’t get involved with the others, it was as if I had the flu.’

It’s good to know that she has been diagnosed and can get the treatment that she needs.

Jennifer Saunders Confirms Absolutely Fabulous movie!!

Jennifer Saunders Confirms Absolutely Fabulous movie!!

It’s been rumoured for years now and it’s the news that fans want to hear but now Jennifer Saunders has confirmed that there will be a Absolutely Fabulous movie!

It’s been talked about for years now but Jennifer has confirmed that she will star writing the film after Christmas.

During a interview on ITV’s This Morning the actress said:

‘There isn’t [a movie] but there will be. I’m close to picking up a pen, that’s how close it is,’ Jennifer revealed.

But after Christmas. There’s so much to do before. I don’t want to write it before Christmas, that would be silly. I’ll do it after.’

The show was a massive success so this is good news to know that their will be a film.

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