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Billie Faiers Announces The Name Of Her New Born Daughter

When Billie Faiers gave birth to her first baby earlier this month her and her fiancé Greg never annouced the name of the little one until now….

The par have decided to call the new born Nellie.

The name was annouced during Sunday’s episode of The Only Way Is Essex when Gemma Colins started to bulb over Arg and Lydia Bright’s fondness for each other, Billie said:

“Gem, why are you crying? Come on, Nellie doesn’t want to see you upset.”

Bless very cute name!

Wiz Khalifa Gets Arrested And Thrown In The Cells For Marijuana Possession!

Wiz Khalifa Gets Arrested And Thrown In The Cells For Marijuana Possession!

Wiz Khalifa has not had the best of Sunday mornings because he found himself in a prison cell because of Marijuana Possession!

After the police searched Khalifa they found 0.5 grams of marijuana, witch is illegal in Texas!

In typical celebrity fashion Wiz decided to pose for a selfie in his prison cell and share it to his Twitter account with the caption of ‘Jail selfie’.

Her also tweeted “Free Trap Wiz.

Maybe next time he will learn.

Cody Simpson Flashes His Naked Bottom In New Photo

Cody Simpson Flashes His Naked Bottom In New Photo

Cody Simpson has sent his fans crazy as she shared a photo of his naked bottom on his Facebook accout and the photo was said to have been taken by his ex girlfriend Gigi Hadid took the photo.

The singer posed with his bottom on show as he stood out on his balcony with his arms out naked looking at a lovely beach and city.

Along with the photo he said:

‘Sunday morning on the [Gold Coast] after a big one,’ he captioned the snap. ‘Surfed out too. How bout [sic] that tan. Taken by bae,’

Bae being the nickname for his model ex Gigi – Bae.

Just posting that photo alone Cody gained another 10,000 Facebook likes within minuets lol.

Adele Drops Big Album News Just As She Celebrates Her Birthday

Adele Drops Big Album News Just As She Celebrates Her Birthday

Adele has just dropped massive album news as she tweets on her birthday.

The singer tweeted on Sunday night:

‘Bye bye 25… See you again later in the year x (sic)’

As you may know all of Adele’s albums have been named after her birthday so when she was 19 her album was called 19 and when she was 21 it was called 21.

Over the last few months so many rumours have been flying around about Adele making a new album including rumours that her and Prince are recording a track together.

Then earlier this year Phil Collins confirmed that he had already started writing with Adele.

Phil told sources:

‘I’ve just started to work with Adele. She contacted me to write together.’ 

New music is what we need.

All of Adele’s previous albums have been massively popular so theres no doubt that this one will be too.


Claudia Winkleman To Take Over From Sir Bruce Forsyth On Strictly Come Dancing Alongside Tess Daly

Claudia Winkleman To Take Over From Sir Bruce Forsyth On Strictly Come Dancing Alongside Tess Daly

Last week it was announced that Sir Bruce Forsyth will be giving up his dancing shoes and to stop hosting Strictly Come Dancing!

It’s been reported that Claudia Winkleman is ‘first choice’ to replace Sir Bruce along side Tess Daly.

A insider has told The Sun:

‘They are certainly the first choices. Detailed discussions will start shortly and it is hoped everything can be sorted out.’

Claudia has been standing in for Bruce on the Sunday nights results show so she clearly impressed the producers.

Justin Bieber Thinks Little Children ‘Look Up To Him!’

Justin Bieber Thinks Little Children ‘Look Up To Him!'

Justin Bieber is not the best of role models!

But now he’s shared a photo on his Instagram page of him dancing on a dance game with lots of young children watching him.

With the photo he said:

‘everyone has someone they look up to’

Bieber shared the photo n Sunday and as you can see he’s playing Dance Dance Revolution Extreme in an arcade.

We have to say Justin Bieber is not someone who young children should look up to with all the legal drama he has caused over the last few months.


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