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Jennifer Lopez To Perform At The World Cup!

Jennifer Lopez To Perform At The World Cup!

Last week it was reported that Jennifer Lopez was going to perform at the world cup.

Then it was reported again that she wasn’t because of “production issues” but now it’s been confirmed that she will perform.

As you may know Lopez and Pitbull made the FIFA World Cup anthem, so it’s only right that they perform in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A insider at the World Cup has said:

“She had wanted them to cover everything for her, from private transportation, to her hotel and the costs associated for her entire entourage.”

Then when the news broke that she wasn’t going to perform the backlash was so great she just had to perform:

“The backlash was so significant that she decided that she needed to attend.”

Is this because of her good looks lol.

It is only right that they perform because they did make the song.

David Beckham Is Scared Of Frogs

David Beckham Is Scared Of Frogs
When you think of David Beckham you would that that he’s not scared of getting up in the night and catching a spider in a jar but this couldn’t be less true.

During a new BBC nature doc, David Beckham Into the Unknown, that aired last night it proved that David is one big scaredy cat.

David has said that he is scared of frogs.

Talking on the doc he said:

“The frog I was scared of. I’m not a big frog fan. I can’t lie. It was orange. We were told it was dangerous. I was a little bit nervous about that.”


We have to say we wouldn’t like to come in close proximity with a orate frog.

Is David Beckham About To Come Out Of Retirement?

Is David Beckham About To Come Out Of Retirement?

It’s looking like David Beckham might be coming out of retirement.

He may be 39 but now David has hinted during a recent interview that he might be coming out of retirement to play again.

During the interview he said:

“There’s never been a player-owner but maybe?”

“Now I go to watch a basketball game and, when you are watching athletes play at the top of their game, it gives me that itch again and I want to be back in the game and I start thinking to myself ‘Could I play again? Could I go back? Could I come out of retirement and start playing again?’”

Since David retired a number of years ago now he’s enjoyed lots of resting time and being with his family.

What do you think would you like to see him come out of retirement?

Niall Horan Spotted On His Crutches At A Football Game!

Niall Horan Spotted On His Crutches At A Football Game!

With Niall Horan only having his surgery a few weeks ago he’s still hobbling around on crutches but that hasn’t stopped him from attending a football game.

The One Direction singer was spotted on Tuesday at his favourite team, Derby County FC home ground.

It’s good to see him up and about and he has already said that he will be back at work soon.


Louis Tomlinson Gets Injured Playing Football FOr Charity!

The One Direction boys love to play football so over the weekend band member Louis Tomlinson was playing for charity for the the Doncaster Rovers when he got injured on pitch and decided to throw his lunch all over the place.

Have a look at the clip above.

Jennifer Lopez Poses With Cristiano Ronaldo!

Jennifer Lopez Poses With Cristiano Ronaldo!

Jennifer Lopez decided to show up to support Real Madrid football game along with her man Casper Smart and they also went into the dressing room to meet Cristiano Ronaldo.

But it wasn’t just Ronaldo who she had a snap with as she also posed with Sergio Ramos too.

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