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Hilary Duff Gets A New Bob!

Hilary Duff Gets A New Bob!

Hilary Duff has decided to gave a brand new hairstyle as she close a nice bob.

The actress shared a couple of photos on her Instagram page of the new locks and we have to say it looks very nice.

In one of the photos it shows her hairstylist Marcus Francis doing the deed and chopping away with his scissors.

Along with the photo Hilary said:

“Morning chop…. W/ my favorite @marcusrfrancis”

Check out the first selfie she took with the new hair below.

Hilary Duff Gets A New Bob! 2

Are Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Back On?? Harry Gets Videoed Backstage At Taylor UK Show!

Are Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Back On?? Harry Gets Videoed Backstage At Taylor UK Show!

When their relationship ended it wasn’t the best of times they both have ever had.

But now could we be seeing Harry Styles and Taylor Swift back together because someone who looks like Harry was videoed backstage at her London concert.

Taylor videoed backstage at the show and in the photo above taken from the video you can see Ellie Goulding (Right) Cara Delevingne (middle) and what looks Like Harry with the red circle around him.

Taylor was filming herself having her hair cut and the winged the camera around to show fans the crowd of people watching and thats when Mr Styles was spotted.

Nothing has been said that they are dating but it’s caused a bit of a storm on Twitter.


Beyonce’s New Hair Do Makes Her Perform Harder According To Her Choreographer

Beyonce's New Hair Do Makes Her Perform Harder According To Her Choreographer

With last weekend being the first time Beyonce has performed with her new hair her choreographer of six years, Chris Grant, has said that she can ‘move her hair better’.

Chris went on in saying:

“She can still move [her hair] and swing it. And you can always make it fit with what you’re doing. She looks great with short hair and great with long hair. It doesn’t hurt her performance. It actually makes her perform even harder! So she has to move her head even harder to make it move and that’s what I love! She knows what she’s doing.”

You could see when she was performing her hair was swaying for side to side and at least she wont get it caught in the wind fan on stage like she has done before.

Beyoncé Has A Bob At V Festival!

It Seems like Beyonce decided to go for the bob look as she performed at last nights V Festival.

We told you over the weekend that she was stressing and even pack 40 wigs just incase she dint want to walk out on stage with short hair.

The singer rocked the 200,000 people watching and most people loved her performance.

Bey changed her outfit after every song but the hair stayed the same all the way though.

Have a look at a coupe of her songs above.

Miley Cyrus Is Having Short For Ever Now!

Miley Cyrus Is Having Short For Ever Now!

When Miley Cryus showed off her new hair last summer people where thinking that she would regret the hair cut and want her long locks back but it looks like she will never have the long hair back!

Now Miley has talked and said that she want’s to keep her hair as short as possible as she said:

“I feel like I had bun every day of my life. I hated the extensions hair—that’s sewn into your head. It’s creepy. You will never see me with long hair again! My fiancé [Liam Hemsworth] loves it…It’s so easy and [I] don’t need to wash it. It looks better grungy and not washing it.”


Rihanna Tweets Piers Morgan And Tells Him To Grow A D**k!

Rihanna And Piers Morgan

After Rihanna performed high in the sky at the Paralympics closing ceremony, Piers Morgan tweeted about Rihanna and made it clear that he’s not a fan of the singers new hair.

The tweets went:

We know who’s side we are on TEAM RIRI ALL THE WAY!!

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