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Bruce Jenner To Have His Adams Apple Removed!

Bruce Jenner To Have His Adams Apple Removed!

We told you a few months ago about the rumours flying around that Bruce Jenner was to undergo a sex change to become a woman and that was the reason behind the split from his wife Kris Jenner but he denied the rumours but now something else has brought the sex change up again.

Bruce has told TMZ that he is to undergo surgery next year to have his adams apple removed because he ‘never liked it’ well this is normally apart of the sex change!

The operations removes a part of the cartilage in the adams apple and makes it more flatter to look like a woman’s adams apple and typically performed on patients in the initial stages of gender reassignment surgery.

Talking to TMZ the reality star said:

‘I just never liked my trachea,’

Bruce has also been spotted out in LA looking more feminine and he even had his hair up in a pony tail.

Jenner has been growing his hair too so could Bruce be starting the stages of a sex change?

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