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Photographer Who Snapped Kate Middleton’s Bottom Is Donating The Money From Sales Of The Photo To Charity!

Photographer Who Snapped Kate Middleton’s Bottom Is Donating The Money From Sales Of The Photo To Charity!

Over the last few days a controversial photo of Kate Middleton walking and the wind blowing her dress up showing off her bare bottom has been flying around the internet.

Well now the photographer who snapped the photo has said that he will donate the money that he has received from selling the photo to charity.

The photographer has said:

“It wasn’t until I got home and I popped my camera card into the computer that I realized what I had captured. Kate and William spent so much time speaking to the victims of the bushfires that I decided I would donate any money raised from the sale of the photo to the Blue Mountains Bushfire Mayoral Relief Fund.”

That’s the best thing to do.

He must have mad a heck of a lot of money because a magazine published the photo on their cover but now accruing to source legal action is being taken over the magazine.

Good for him.

One Direction’s Liam Payne Spends Christmas With His Family and Girlfriend

One Direction’s Liam Payne Spends Christmas With His Family and Girlfriend

With Liam Payne being in one of the biggest boy bands in the world it’s hard for him to see his family but for Christmas he was at home.

The singer has posted a couple of snaps on Twitter of him with his family and his girlfriend Sophia Smith.

The family got together for a photo on Xmas day and posted the photo on his Twitter account.

Sophia has been friends with Liam since they where little so she knows the family well and get’s on with them famously.

Justin Bieber Announces He’s Retiring From Music!

after his upcoming album Journals is released.

Justin Bieber has told the world in a interview on the radio yesterday that he wants to retire from music after his upcoming album Journals is released.

Really we saw this coming with all the trouble he has caused over the last few months so it’s no0 surprise.

Check out what he had to say in the interview below.

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles’s Relationship Is Going Too Fast!!

Harry style and taylor swift gifs

By the looks of thing Harry Styles and Taylor Swift‘s relationship is moving far too fast!

The pair are already inseparable but now are we looking at marriage??

Harry ha introduced Swift to his mother and has really bonded with Styles’es sister Gemma but now new reports have said that Taylor told Gemma that she thinks the One Direction singer is “amazing,”.

Insiders have said:

“This [relationship] has gone from zero to 60 in seconds. Harry is totally in love. I can see them getting married in a week, just going for it.”

Australian DJ Prank Call Kate Middleton’s Nurse!

Australian DJ Prank Call Kate Middleton's Nurse!

Yesterday in the early hours of the morning a Australian radio station thought it would be funny to put on voice as the Queen and Prince Charles to talk to Kate Middleton as a prank call.

The Austrailian DJ duo called the King Edward VII Hospital as they thought that the nurses would just put the phone down on them.

But thinking that it really was the Queen the nurses gave some personal details about Kate’s health.

Since then the hospital have released a statement saying:

“This was a foolish prank call that we all deplore. We take patient confidentiality extremely seriously and we are now reviewing our telephone protocols.”

Britney Spears Goes Number #1 On iTunes

Britney Spears Goes Number #1 On iTunes

Singer and X Factor judges Britney Spears has gone number 1 on the iTunes charts!

 her new single, Scream and Shout, has became a very big success since it was released pushing it to the number one spot.

You could tell that she was happy as she tweeted:

#ScreamingAndShouting! #1 on iTunes, this is amazing. Congrats @iamwill, so happy 2 share this moment w U! And thx 2 all our beautiful fans!

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