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Cee Lo Green To Return To The Voice USA Next Week To Perform!

Cee Lo Green To Return To The Voice USA Next Week To Perform!

Cee Lo Green is set to return to The voice next week to perform his new single Only You off his upcoming album Girl Power.

But it’s not only Cee Lo who will be taking to the stage as  T.I. and Rod Stewart will be too.

Harry Styles Survives NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE As Fans Go Mad For The Singer!! WATCH HERE!

All One Direction fans want to meet the boys but it has now gone and got out of control!

Harry Styles has escaped a near death experience as he was trying to leave his hotel in France, without proper security and the fan’s went mad!

Have a look at the video above.

Rod Stewart Admits To Shoving Cocaine Up His Bum!

Rod Stewart Admits To Shoving Cocaine Up His Bum!

Rod Stewart has been Promoting his new tell-all book called Rod: The Autobiography,  when he told the world about the ways he use to do drugs!

One way that Rod did drugs was by putting the white powder up his bum.

Rod and his bandmate  Ronnie Wood use to do this after the shows he performed. He use to put it up his bum as he was worried about his septum wearing away them people would know what he has been doing.

Rod said:

“So we found another method of taking the drug. We put them in a little pill like the French do them, a suppository. We did that for a little while.”

“As far as the drugs are concerned, I was never an addict. I was never, you know, in rehab. It never affected my family or my relationships. I was just a social user.”

But the same thing can not be said for Rod’s son  Sean Stewart as he was on Celebrity Rehab in the us.


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