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Robert Pattinson Spotted Parking Outside Of Kristen Stewart’s Home! Are They Back Together??

Robert Pattinson Spotted Parking Outside Of Kristen Stewart's Home! Are They Back Together??

Robert Pattinson has been spotted pulling up outside of Kristen Stewart‘s Home even tho they have ‘spit up’ and now have nothing to do with each other.

The last couple of months have not been the best for the pair as Robert did move on with another lady but now it just look’s like they cant be apart from each other.

We wonder if this will be a regular thing and could we see them getting back together or are they just going to stay friends??

Kardashian’s Dad’s Widow Accuse Kim, Kourtney & Khloe Of DITCHING Their Dad On Deathbed!

Kardashians Have 47 Assistants, 10,000 Hysterical Fans And Loads Of Rolls-Royces As They Promote Their Clothing Line In The UK

Robert Kardashian’s widow, Ellen, has been selling loads of stories about the Kardashian sisters about their dad who passed away in 2003 from esophageal cancer.

It was only the other day when she claimed that Kris Jenner was ‘neglectful’ to her children  KimKourtneyKhloe and Rob but now she has gone and said more.

Ellen has now said that the Kardashian’s ditched their father when he was at his deathbed!!

This is what she said:

“When he passed away his children were not there. My daughter was there and three friends of ours. They were there early in the morning. I don’t know why they didn’t come back. They knew that it would be soon, and they knew it would be that evening.”

But we have heard the girls talk a lot about how hard it was when they dad died so we cant see this being true.

But now  Ellen is really trying to convince everyone of otherwise as this is what she has now said:

“They came at different times. From time to time they would come together. Robert Jr. lived with us, so he was there on a daily basis. The girls would stop in when they wanted to … I really think that it was very important for him to have his family. He was very family oriented. That was his life, with his children. So yes, I know that he was very sad about that… Robert would have been very sad had he known that his children were not there by his bedside.”

Kristen Stewart Was Clingy To Robert Pattinson When The Broke Up!

Kristen Stewart Was Clingy To Robert Pattinson When The Broke Up!

When Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart split after her affair with Rupert Sanders Kristen just could not let Rob go!

The actress brought a house just 1.5 miles away from Pattinson so she must love it now they are back together.

Sources have said:

“Soon after Kristen’s affair with Rupert Sanders was exposed, she had to find herself a new home. Kristen loved living in Los Feliz and found a few properties she absolutely loved. But she needed a second opinion and asked Robert for his advice. Robert, being the nice guy he is, told her which property to buy, and it just so ended up being the one she bought.”

“Torn between letting Kristen go and trying to make their relationship work again, Robert told her he didn’t want her to be far away. But he was quick to also say, he didn’t want them to live together while they were trying to sort out their differences. Robert wants his own space and wants to take it very slowly to see if their relationship is repairable.”

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Spotted Acting Like How It Was Before The Affair!

Robert Pattinson Moves Back In With Kristen Stewart!!


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been spotted back together out and about in LA acting like how they use to before the affair.

Some one tweeted on twitter that was also at Soho House where Stewart and Pattinson where:

In Soho House celebrating my sister’s birthday … And until now I realize that Robert and Kristen are here at a dinner with friends!!

Also eyewitnesses have said:

“Both Rob and Kristen were dressed casually. They were laughing a lot with their friends and stayed for a pretty long time, like from 9 until past midnight. Occasionally Rob and Kristen would go outside to smoke. What’s funny is that they acted really comfortable with each other, like none of that affair drama had ever happened. They didn’t act awkward or embarrassed at all. It was great to see them back together and happy.”

If Rob has Kristen back he would be mad once a cheat always a cheat!!

Are Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Moving In With Each Other???

A moving truck has been spotted outside of home that Robert Pattinson used to share with Kristen Stewart on Thursday.

Rob reportedly put the hose back on the market that was being sold for $6.3 million back in August but since then it’s all changed now.

Robert and Kristen have been spending time together re building their relationship and it does look like they are getting back together.

But It was only recently when Steward was buying her own house in Malibu.

We really do not think the relationship is going to last as like they say once a cheat always a cheat.

Kristen Stewart Is Getting Robert Pattinson Back For A Month!

Kristen Stewart Is Getting  Robert Pattinson Back For A Month!

New reports from Grazia, have said that Robert Pattinson getting back together with  Kristen Stewart is, only a trial period.

The sources said that their meeting that they had with the reps ended badly and in tears and Rob could not hold his feelings in at the end.

The source said:

“It seems Robert was quite stand-offish at first, but when she started crying, he apparently crumbled. He said he couldn’t bear to see her so upset and realized how much he had missed her. Kristen says she’s made a terrible mistake and it will never happen again. Apparently, she told Robert she would do anything to make it work, and will cut back on her work schedule and spend more time in London so they can be together. Robert has had a lot of time to reflect on what happened and, while he has also come to realize just how important Kristen is to him.”

“He has warned Kristen that he might never be able to forgive and forget. But he’s agreed to give it a month to see if they can make it work. If they can’t, he says he will walk away. Kristen hasn’t stayed over at Robert’s new place yet. They have seen each other most days since their initial meeting, but they are taking baby steps. He has also requested that they don’t talk about Rupert or what happened. She has nobody to talk to because Robert has made it clear the topic is off-limits.”

Have a month together could be worse for the pair as they might get more attached to each other and then when the months over all broken hearts again.

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