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Robbie Williams Falls Of Stage, Lands and Breaks Fans Arm!

Robbie Williams Falls Of Stage, Lands and Breaks Fans Arm!

Most popstars are know for breaking their fans hearts but not their actual bones!

But that’s exactly what happened at a recent Robbie Williams concert.

During a recent concert in newcastle he was having so much fun on stage that he fell ad landed on a audience members arm.

Robbie was about to high five one of his fans but suddenly fell landing on the unexacting fan.

Although Robbie didn’t know the person in question was said to be compleatly devastated as she had to miss the rest of the show.

Ohh dear!

Better luck next time Rob!

Robbie Williams Announces His Wife Is Pregnant For The Second Time!

Robbie Williams Announces His Wife Is Pregnant For The Second Time!

Robbie Williams has announced that his wife Ayda Field is pregnant for the second time.

Taking to his Twitter account to break the news Robbie tweeted:

‘Ayda and I are delighted to announce that Theodora Rose Williams is going to be a big sister. RW xxx’

The pair already have one daughter called Theodora who’s two years oaf age.

Robbie has proved himself as a very good father so there’s no doubt he will be with the new born.

Robbie Williams Admits To Smoking Cannabis But It’s To ‘Relax Him’!

Robbie Williams Admits To Smoking Cannabis But It’s To ‘Relax Him’!

Singer Robbie Williams has admitted to smoking Cannabis to ‘relax him’!

In a interview with the Mirror the hit maker said:

‘The last time I got high was two days ago.’

‘Since the birth of Theo I’ve become less reckless.

‘I last drank 13 years ago, the last time I got high was two days ago. No big drug sessions, mind, just a small amount, purely to relax.’

It’s not good that Robbie is taking drugs again as that’s what ended his Take That career in 1995 and then had stints in rehab!


Robbie Williams Thinks One Direction Are ‘Daft,’

One Direction Release The Track List For Take Me Home Album!

In an interview with Shortlist Magazine, Robbie Williams talked about One Direction.

He said:

“I’m sure that in One Direction right now, there’s going to be hatred between certain members for certain things – all young and daft stuff.”

Directioners will go mad at Robbie if you hate on them they fight back.

But Robbie knows what it’s like to be in a boy band of he was in Take That.

Robbie Williams To Take Daughter On Tour!?


Robbie Williams has reviled that he will take his new born baby girl on tour with him.

The singer will tour stadiums throughout 2013 in support of new album called Take the Crown.

Robbie will also be taking his wife  Ayda Field with him and Theodora too.

Robbie told The Sun.

 “There’ll be mummy, nanny, baby and me.”

Robbie has recently said that his new album is made for stadiums:

“We are at a big stadium-sounding album,” he said. “This is going to fit right in in huge areas with thousands of people staring at me.

“And then I’m going to sing it at them and they’re going to smile and hold their phones up and wave and it’s going to be euphoric and it’s going to be big.”

Robbie Williams Says:’Testing Time For Gary Barlow After Baby Death’

Robbie Williams And Gary Barlow 2

Robbie Williams has talked out about the sad loss of his friend and band mate Gary Barlow‘s recent baby loss!

Garry and his wife Dawn lost their baby that they named Poppy as it was born stillborn last month and Robbie said what they have been though was the “heaviest thing”.

In a interview with  The Sun Williams said:

“You know, Gaz is the most solid man I know, way more solid than me,” he told The Sun.

“He has the ability to put things in compartments. But this is the most testing thing he’s ever had to go through, I’m sure.

“It’s just one of those things where we’ll see how it goes when I see him, but it’s obviously a very, very sad time for both him, Dawn and the kids.”

Robbie said that he has not talked about the loss to Gary yet but will do in the future but they both meet up at the  GQ Awards where they both got awards:

“It’s the heaviest, heaviest thing, and, like I say, Gaz is so together. We’ll sit down and have a proper chat at some point but so far it hasn’t happened.

“We’re at an awards ceremony, it’s not the place to talk about anything. It was very much surface stuff. But we shall be spending time together soon.”

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