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Ricci Guarnaccio Opens Up About His Ex Vicky Pattison And Says ‘She Need’s Professional Help’ Just As They Clash On Ex On The Beach

Ricci Guarnaccio Opens Up About His Ex Vicky Pattison And Says 'She Need’s Professional Help’ Just As They Clash On Ex On The Beach

They where the love birds of Geordie Shore but it all fell apart last year.

Now Ricci Guarnaccio has opened up about his relationship with Vicky Pattison and admitted that ‘She Need’s Professional Help’ just as Ricci storms in on new reality show Ex On The Beach.

The pair are both staring on the new reality show trying to find another partner but it seems like it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

When Beamly asked Ricci if Vicky needs help he replied:

‘I would say yes, in the nicest possible way.’

‘I genuinely don’t understand how someone can have so much anger. She’d call people every name under the sun, and I don’t think that’s normal.


‘I took a lot on the chin when I arrived. I don’t know whether either she messed up or not, but in episode two or three, she was saying ‘I’ve still got my two exes to arrive’, so she knew Dan [Vicky’s ex from Australia]  and I were going in.’

He continued:

‘There was all this fakeness. You’ve got to remember she went to drama school. Most people don’t know this about her. She is a fake person.’

‘When I first started going out with her, the honeymoon period was great. But when that’s over it’s hell.’

The trouble is they both had their faults and Ricci wasn’t the best boyfriend because he was very controlling and was making Vicky’s life ‘hell’ her words not ours.

Geordie Shore’s Vicky And Ricci Get Engaged

Geordie Shore's Vicky And Ricci Get Engaged

There relationship has not had the best start but it looking forward for the pair of them as they have announced that they are Engaged!

But Vicky Pattison and Ricci Guarnaccio have overcome all the obstacles in their way and are now set to tie the knot, after Ricci popped the question as the cast filmed the third series of the show in Cancun, Mexico.

Talking about his decision to ask Vicky to marry him, Ricci, 25, said:

‘When I came into the Geordie Shore house I had been single for a long time and certainly didn’t expect to fall in love – but that’s what happened. I couldn’t be happier with Vicky and know I want to spend the rest of my life with her.’

Adding her bit Vicky said:

‘I’m so excited to be engaged to Ricci. He’s an amazing person and I knew that as soon as he walked through the door and into the house, there was an instant connection between us. I’m very lucky to have found him.

He asked her the all important question as he and Vicky enjoyed a romantic al fresco meal while filming scenes for the show.

Vicky said to Close mag:

‘He kept saying, “Please turn around” and when I did, I looked up tot he sky where a plane had flown by with the message, “Vicky, will you marry me?” ‘

They are so cute together and lovely!

Congrats to them both!!


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