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Joan Rivers Rushed To Hospital After She Stops Breathing During Surgery!

Joan Rivers Rushed To Hospital After She Stops Breathing During Surgery!

Joan Rivers has been rushed to hospital after she stopped breathing during surgery!

The comedian was having a routine throat procedure performed at her local clinic when she stopped berating and was then rushed to the hospital.

Joan is currently at the Mount Sinai hospital and her daughter is with her.

Bruce Jenner To Have His Adams Apple Removed!

Bruce Jenner To Have His Adams Apple Removed!

We told you a few months ago about the rumours flying around that Bruce Jenner was to undergo a sex change to become a woman and that was the reason behind the split from his wife Kris Jenner but he denied the rumours but now something else has brought the sex change up again.

Bruce has told TMZ that he is to undergo surgery next year to have his adams apple removed because he ‘never liked it’ well this is normally apart of the sex change!

The operations removes a part of the cartilage in the adams apple and makes it more flatter to look like a woman’s adams apple and typically performed on patients in the initial stages of gender reassignment surgery.

Talking to TMZ the reality star said:

‘I just never liked my trachea,’

Bruce has also been spotted out in LA looking more feminine and he even had his hair up in a pony tail.

Jenner has been growing his hair too so could Bruce be starting the stages of a sex change?

Kelly Osbourne Tweet’s Photo Of Herself Cupping!

Kelly Osbourne Tweet's Photo Of Herself Cupping!

 Kelly Osbourne has been for some cupping!

 Cupping is a alternative medicine technique just like acupuncture but instead you suction the cups to your body as this better then acupuncture as there are no needles involved.

Just like in the photo above.

With the photo Kelly said:

“Woke up walking like Bambi so I went 2 the most amazing Chinese Dr who fixed me w/ cups. F–k it hurt but it worked.”

Robin Roberts Tweets Bye Bye!

English: Robin Roberts in J. Crew Collection a...

English: Robin Roberts in J. Crew Collection at The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robin Roberts has tweeted that she will not be tweeting for a while!

She will start treatment  to get a bone marrow transplant because of a rare condition stemming from a cancer treatment.

She tweeted to her followers:


Man With 100 Pound Scrotum Turns Down Free Surgery

Man With 100 Pound Scrotum Turns Down Free Surgery

The Dr. Oz Show offered to pay for the surgery, as long as they got exclusive interview rights.

Wesley Warren Jr. declined that opportunity.

Some people think it’s because he didn’t want the eyes of the public on him, but his reasons are much more blunt:

“Who would want to live like this? I just don’t want to die during the operation.”

The condition is caused by an excess of watery fluid collecting around his testicles.

What’s strange is that he was even fundraising for the surgery, but now he’s turning down the free one — regardless if it prevents him from holding down a job and makes it difficult for him to urinate properly.


Kathy Griffin Talks About Having Surgery

English: Kathy Griffin, before her performance...

English: Kathy Griffin, before her performance at the historical Chicago Theater, Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kathy Griffin has haad to have  surgery!

The  surgery is to  remove a uterine polyp  a surgery that has her talking about the procedure and her own mortality.

 Kathy said:

“I’m probably going to pass away… my chances of making it are very, very slim.”

Aww we are so happy she is fine now she is so strong so there is no reason not to be!

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