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Prince Charles Turns Down To Be In Joan Collins’ Attempt To Recreate The Oscars Selfie At The Prince’s Trust Awards

Prince Charles Turns Down To Be In Joan Collins' Attempt To Recreate The Oscars Selfie At The  Prince's Trust Awards

On Wednesday lots of celebrities where with Prince Charles as they attended the Prince’s Trust And Samsung Celebrate Success awards.

While the celebs where having their photo taken on the red carpet Joan Collins announced that she wanted to recreate the Oscars selfie and just as she said it Price Charles walked past her on the red carpet and she asked him to star in it!

Charles politely turned down the offer and walked off so she decided to gather the other celebs for the photo.

Joan held her hand out and took the photo but sadly it only received 59 retweets when the oscars selfie received 3.5 million lol.

We are surprised Prince Charles knows what a selfie is!

Duchess of Cornwall Says The Royal Baby Will Be Born At The End Of The Week!

Duchess of Cornwall Says The Royal Baby Will Be Born At The End Of The Week!

The Duchess of Cornwall has let slip that Kate Middleton‘s baby will be born at the end of this week!

Camilla Parker Bowles was at the Little Harbour children’s hospice when she said the following:

“By the end of the week. We are all just waiting by the telephone. We are hopeful that by the end of the week he or she will be here.”

So the sources where clearly wrong when they said that the baby was due on Saturday just gone.

Australian DJs That Did The Prank Call To Kate Middleton’s Hospital Are ‘Unlikely’ To Be Charged

The Two Radio DJ's Who Prank Called Kate Middletons Nurse Have Been Taken Off The Air!

The two radio DJ’s who called Kate Middleton‘s hospital to get information out of hospital staff as they posted as the Queen and Prince Charles where worried that they where going to be charged as the lady who answered the photo committed suicide but it looks like it will be ‘Unlikely’ they will be.

Yesterday a statement was released from  London Metropolitan Police saying:

“Following the death of Jacintha Saldanha, officers have liaised with the Crown Prosecution Service as to whether any criminal offenses had been committed in relation to the hoax call made to King Edward VII Hospital in the early hours of Tuesday, 4 December.

On Wednesday, 19 December, officers submitted a file to the Crown Prosecution Service for them to consider whether any potential offenses may have been committed by making the hoax call. We are not prepared to discuss further.”

Then talking again one Deputy Police Commissioner said that it is “unlikely that any charges will be laid.”


Prince Charles Tells Prince Harry To NOT Apologize For Naked Photo!

ince Charles Tells Prince Harry To NOT Apologize For Naked Photo!

Prince Charles has said to Prince Harry not to apologize for the naked photo that ended up online and there is noting to be ashamed about!

As you might know the photo leaked online last week and there was also said that drugs where also found in the apartment too.

Harry was said to have been very sorry for the photo but his dad Prince Charles dose not see anything wrong with it and has told Haz not to say sorry.

A royal insider said:

“In [Prince Charles’] younger years he was just as much a playboy as Harry is now, so he’s more understanding when it comes to this sort of thing. While he told Harry to be a little more responsible, he didn’t chastise him because he didn’t think he did anything wrong. Charles doesn’t believe there’s any need for a public apology and instead said to Harry he should go to Afghanistan as soon as he makes an appearance at the Paralympics and join his rank.”

Its just wrong that the image got out hes only human and there is no need to say sorry!

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