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Kelly Osbourne Gets New Head Tattoo

Kelly Osborn Gets New Head Tattoo

Over the years Kelly Osbourne has changed her image soooooo much.

Recently Kelly decided to have another new look and to have most of her head shaven and just have the hair on the top of her head long.

Now Kelly has shared a photo of a new tattoo that she has decided to have on the shaven part of her head!

The tattoo says ‘Stories…’ and just moments before the tattoo Kelly was tweeting akin what she should do that evening!

Kelly then shared a number of photo of her at the  Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood where tattoo artist, Dr Woo, gave her the new ink.

Along with one of the photo’s Kelly apologised to her mum Sharon Osbourne and dad Ozzy Osbourne for getting the new ink as she said:

‘Sorry mum and dad but I love it!’

We have to say it’s not one of the best ideas she’s ever had but at the end of the day along as she’s happy with it.

Also if one day she decided she didn’t like it she could grow her hair and cover it up.

Check out her photos below.


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