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Meet The Boy Who Took So Many Selfies He Nearly Ended His Life!


Everyday millions of selfies are taken and to some people a casual selfie is completely normal but to this boy he nearly ended his life because of the photos!

19 year-old Danny Bowman use to take a whopping 200 selfies a day and n the end it all got too much an d he nearly ended his life.

Danny had Body Dysmophic Disorder, and it all started when a modelling agency told him that he didn’t have the correct look to be a model starting off the selfie obsection.

Danny would send 10 hours a day looking in the mirror and even had to drop out of school to feed his addiction of taking the hotos!

That’s mad!

Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscars Lip Balm Sells Out Completely Over Night!!

Lupita Nyong'o's Oscars Lip Balm Sells Out Completely Over Night!!

If you remember back to the Oscars last Sunday when Ellen DeGeneres was in the audience collecting money for the pizza that she ordered Lupita Nyong’o decided to put her lip balm in the Pharrell Williams’ that Ellen was collecting the none in because she didn’t have any money on her.

Well now the company that made the lip balm has compliant been whipped clean of all lip balms and sold out over night.

Lupita was wearing a blue Clarins’ HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, witch trended on Twitter as #LupitasLipBalm!

The company that sold the lip balm said the following:

“…almost [sell] out across the country overnight. We ordered extra stock from Paris.”

We bet the company are completely over the moon because they have made tons of money over the last 6 days.

All thanks to Lupita.

The Oscar Selfie Gets Recreated In Lego

The Oscar Selfie Gets Recreated In Lego

Over the last week the Oscar selfie has been copied by so many people.

But now the photo has been recreated by Lego.

In the selfie you can see Ellen DeGeneres’ and the rest of the clan made from lego!

Best Supporting Actress winner Lupita Nyong’o shared the photo with her Instagram followers as she said:

“And now we are Legos too! @lego. Birthday weekend of a lifetime! I think my brother had the #SpringBreak of a lifetime. Definitely most commemorated.”

Very good.

The lego people really look like the real A listers.

Selena Gomez Drinks At The Oscars After-Party Even Though She Went To Rehab!

Selena Gomez Drinks At The Oscars After-Party Even Though She Went To Rehab!

Selena Gomez has been out of rehab since January but at the Oscar’s after party she pas partying like there was no tomorrow.

A source has also reported that she was DRINKING too!!

The source says:

“Selena was drinking constantly throughout the entire party when I saw her. She was having a grand old time and towards the tail end she was stumbling in her heels and almost toppled right over! Selena and Vanessa were just having a really good time, laughing and taking pics. She wasn’t slurring too bad, but was definitely in the happy-sleepy stage.”

She needs to watch herself before she relapses!

Zac Efron Had His Sober Coach With Him At The Oscars!

Zac Efron Had His Sober Coach With Him At The Oscars!

With their being lots of alcohol at the Oscars Zac Efron decided to bring his sober coach along with him so he doesn’t fall of the wagon.

The actor has been in rehab twice in his 26 years of life and he clearly doesn’t want a third.

A source has reported:

“Zac had a sober coach with him the entire time he was at Dolby to monitor what he was doing and to make sure he didn’t partake in any substances like drugs or alcohol. The coach was there to escort him to the bathroom or backstage, anywhere he needed to be where temptation might arise.”

Zac has been sober from alcohol and drugs for eight months now and his doing really well.

Brining his sober coach was decently the right move.


Best Twitpics And Instagrams Photos Of The Week!

Best Twitpics And Instagrams Photos Of The Week!

Every week hundreds of celebrity share photos online on their social networking sites and now every Friday on LukeWilliamsGossip.com we will be putting the best one’s together in on album.

Check out the best Celebrity Twitpics and Instagrams photos of the week below. 




















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