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Christine Bleakley Was ‘Nervous’ to Host This Morning With Holly Willoughby!

Christine Bleakley Was ‘Nervous’ to Host This Morning With Holly Willoughby!

For the last couple of days Dancing On Ice presenter Christine Bleakley has been standing in for Phillip Schofield on This Morning because he’s been of doing other things.

But now Christine has said that she was ‘Nervous’s to host the day time show!

Bleakley has been hosting the show with regular host Holly Willoughby and recently she admitted to The Sun:

“Luckily Holly knows what she’s doing so I’m in good hands,”

“I’m telling myself it’ll be like The One Show, just with women who marry dogs,”

“I love This Morning and Holly, so all the parts come together beautifully.”

This has been the first time in 15 years since two female presenters have hosted the show.

Sadly for Christine she didn’t have the best of reviews from the viewers.

One Show Receives Complaints After Paul O’Grady Says The People Of Benefits Street Are ‘Sacrificial Lambs’

One Show Receives Complaints After Paul O’Grady Says The People Of Benefits Street Are ‘Sacrificial Lambs'

It’s the controversial new TV show showing how one street in Birmingham called James Turner Street live on benefits and only 5% of them work.

But now Paul O’Grady has hit out at Benefit Street saying that the people from the show are ‘sacrificial lambs’.

Paul said this during a interview on the One Show and now the BBC chat show has received complaints about Paul’s coments.

Talking to Matt Baker and Alex Jones the comedian admitted:

“It’s one of those programmes to get middle England ‘up in arms’,”

“These people are the sacrificial lambs on the altar of light entertainment and they have gone willingly: a smart tongue has got them to say all sorts and it is a very unfair representation of unemployment in this country.

“A lot of people do not choose to be on benefits and this is portraying everyone on benefits as doing it because they want to, not because they have to – it’s shocking.”

The BBC have now spoke about Paul’s comments and said:

“variety of opinions were heard from all sides of the debate”

“We have received complaints about Paul O’Grady’s appearance on The One Show on 14 January. Some viewers felt that his views on benefit reform were not adequately challenged,”

Paul was clearly identified as a Labour supporter and he was challenged on how he would reduce the benefits bill,” “Paul’s views were forthright, and on reflection more could have been done to put them into context, but it is important to note that balance can be achieved across a number of programmes.

“This is a subject that The One Show has covered before and hopes to revisit again in the future.”

The show has caused so much trouble so we can’t really see how Paul’s comments get complaints.

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