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Two Teen Coronation Street Fans Save £2,000 To Book Brooke Vincent As A Birthday Treat

Two Teen Coronation Street Fans Save £2,000 To Book Brooke Vincent As A Birthday Treat

Two teenagers have managed to save up £2,000 to book Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent for a meal with them.

Ruth Challis and Rosy Cooper booked the actress for what Brook thought was a ‘large function’ but whens he turned up to the venue she saw that it was a Nando’s chicken rester ant!

Miss Vincent then got a shock when she turned up and just saw the two girls waiting for her and she had such good time Brook refunded the £2,000 and split the bill between all three of them.

Later on in the evening Brook tweeted:

‘Had the pleasure of meeting these two beautiful young ladies today. Thank you for a lovely day. Happy birthday.’

A source has now reported:

‘She didn’t realise it was two girls who had saved up for six months until she arrived, so she did the right thing straight away and refunded the fee to them.’

Then a friend of the two girls told sources:

‘They think Brooke is a great actor and they really wanted to meet her.

‘They worked out they worked 800 hours between them to save the money.’

It’s so nice that she split the bill and have the money back.

What Celebs would do that these days?

Beyonce Orders 48 Chickens From Nando’s In Chelmsford After V Festival!

Beyonce Orders 48 Chickens From Nando's In Chelmsford After V Festival!

Beyonce loves Nando’s there’s no doubt about it but now she has gone brought 48 chickens from the popular restaurants!

The singer was in chelmsford to perform at V Festival and after the performance she stopped off Nando’s in Chelmsford and brought 58 wing platters, 48 whole chickens, 12 veggie burgers, 24 coleslaws and 24 rice dishes – totalling £1,444.10.

A photo of Bey’s receipt has appeared on Twitter showing all the food that she ordered and as you can see the list never ends.

Helen Cable, an employer at the Chelmsford restaurant, tweeted:

‘Too excited that Beyonce is ordering a Nandos from us ?? if only she would pick it up herself!’

And then Helen’s Alex Cable brother tweeted the photo of the receipt.

This is not the first time Beyonce has made such a big order to Nando’s as at the start of this year she spent £800 in a Dublin branch.

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