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Liam Payne’s Naked Photo Was A Joke!

Liam Payne’s Naked Photo Was A Joke!

Yesterday Liam Payne had all social networking sites going crazy with a name photo.

Well now it’s been confirmed that the photo was a fake and Liam had shorts on lol.

With the first naked photo Liam said:

“Damn that was my last pair!”

Then Lima shared another photo of hi in the shorts with the caption of:

“Oh I found them never mind aha”

Hahah he’s such a laugh!

Liam Payne’s Naked Photo Was A Joke! 2

One Direction’s Lima Payne Goes Naked On A Boat

One Direction’s Lima Payne Goes Naked On A Boat

It’s the sight that most One Direction fans have wanted to see for a long time and today their wishes have came true.

A photo has appeared online of Liam Payne naked on a boat and when we say naked we mean completely naked.

The photo that was posted online has been  pixelated to cover his modesty.

Along with the photo that Liam shared himself he said:

“Damn that was my last pair!”

The photo was only shared a couple of hours ago and it’s already received over half a million likes from fans worldwide.

One viewer of the photo commented on the photo and said:

 “The real question is who was lucky enough to take this picture.”

Haha we wonder.

One Direction Have Announce Concert Film!

One Direction Have Announce Concert Film!

One Direction have announced that they will be having a one weekend showing of their recent world tour Where We Are.

The concert film shooing will be at your local cinemas and will be held on the weekend of October 11th and 12th!

The boys broke the news on their Youtube page by uploading a video of them announcing the news.

Tickets for the events go on sale July 28th.

One Direction Boys Attend Louis Tomlinson’s Mother’s Wedding!

One Direction Boys Attend Louis Tomlinson’s Mother’s Wedding!

Louis Tomlinson may have been left feeling upset on Thursday after it was announced that hey will not be buying Doncaster Rovers FC.

But now the singer has had a joyful day as his mother, Johannah Poulston was getting married to Daniel Deakin on Sunday afternoon.

The wedding was in Manchester and all the boys attended the wedding apart from Zayn Malik.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan attended the wedding to support Louis and the 1D boys hairdresser Lou Teasdale was also spotted at the venue.

The boys looked very dapper as they where photographed arriving at the wedding.

Liam Payne Was Uncertain About Joining One Direction According To Nicole Scherzinger!

Liam Payne Was Uncertain About Joining One Direction According To Nicole Scherzinger!

As you may know if your a One Direction, when the band formed on the X Factor Liam Payne was the shyest member and didn’t know if he wasted to be in a band or have a solo career.

Well now Nicole Scherzinger has said that Liam was uncertain about joining the band.

Talking to Pop Justice the beauty said:

 “When I put the group together, Liam was hesitant about it because he wanted to go solo.”

We bet that was the best decision he’s ever made joining 1D with all the success they have.

Liam Payne Has A Tumble And Hurts Himself On Stage

Liam Payne Has A Tumble And Hurts Himself On Stage

Someone call the ambulance Liam Payne has had a tumble.

During a recent One Direction concert Liam fell live on stage and hurt his knee as the boys perform their European leg of the Where We Are tour in Porto, Portugal.

Reports have said that Liam twisted his ankle when he performing and was then aided onstage by band mates Niall Horan and Zayn Malik.

After poor Liam was in so much pain he couldn’t put any weight onto his leg and had to toddle around the stage.

Since the accidents happened #GetWellLiamWeLoveYou has been trending on Twitter and he has record lots of support from his loyal fans.

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